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2012 The Consciousness Shift

2012 is being talked about so much right now.
There are so many varying view points on what 2012 is all about.
Some of them talk about doom and gloom and others of peace.

Is 2012 about the end of the world? NO!
Will there be changes leading up to 2012 that may
be uncomfortable for many? Yes.
Do these changes need to be uncomfortable? NO.

2012 is the ending of a world time and the beginning of
a new world time as was spoken about by the Mayans.
It is up to us to decide what the new world era will be.

Why is 2012 so important? You see 2012 is an incredible
shift. It’s a wake up call for humanity. There are so many levels
of assistance that we are receiving right now in order to wake
up as many as possible so that we can create a world of love
and peace. Will this happen overnight? No. It will take time
to transition. More and more people need to wake up from
the illusion that we are separate from each other, from
the animal kingdom and the planet.

We are all one. What we do to one affects all others.
2012 will mark the beginning of a Oneness Consciousness
so that we can live in peace and love.

Is this possible given the current state of the world? Yes it is.
We do however need to wake up as many people as possible
so that the transition does not require discomfort.

Why the discomfort you ask? Well, ask yourself, have you
not changed and looked for different solutions and possibilities
when you were most presented with challenges? That’s the funny
thing about this current human experience – it takes a lot of
commotion for us to truly change.

Recently Franco DeNicola talked about “2012 The Consciousness Shift”
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2012 The Consciousness Shift Audio

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