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Truly Understanding Health Preview Broadcast

There is so much out there about health right now.
A lot of it is good and a lot of it can be completely
confusing. It seems that everyday a new health diet
comes out, yet people do not seem to be getting
any healthier. Why is that?

It’s time to simplify, remove limiting beliefs,
empower yourself and truly understand
health and all it entails. Time to understand
the role that health plays in your experience of
life on this planet right now.

As a nutritionist I can give you a lot of great
information about health. However, none of it
can really assist you unless you deal with the
underlying cause. And I know you have heard that
many times before.

So what is the most important factor
regarding your health?

Is it your food? Your environment?
The water you drink? Your thoughts?
Avoiding cell phones? Eating raw?
Being a vegetarian? Going vegan?
Exercising? Meditating?
How about just moving out
to a dessert island with no pollution, no people.
Just you and nature????

Actually, the truth is. It’s none of the above.

They do all play a role, but it isn’t the true
source of health.

If you truly seek the truth, join us for the
Truly Understanding Health Preview broadcast with
Franco DeNicola and myself (Antonia Hagens) on
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 9pm Eastern via
Masterpiece Life TV at the site below:
Masterpiece Life TV.

If you have come to this post after the event
the Truly Understanding Health preview will
still be available for you to watch at:
Masterpiece Life TV