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Relationship Oneness Activation Meditation and a Gift

There was a powerful Relationship
Oneness Activation
meditation that Franco DeNicola
facilitated at the De-Coding Relationships event.

This is very powerful relationship meditation. This meditation
is an activation on the cellular level and will assist
you to release some of the limiting beliefs that you
are carrying about relationships so that you
can experience freedom and peace.

You can access it here for a simple
contribution of only $10:

Relationship Oneness Activation

This is very powerful. I recommend listening
to it as often as possible. It will greatly assist you
with all of the changes that are taking place
right now in your life.

Also, be sure to listen to this one hour
excerpt from the De-Coding Relationships event.
It’s my gift to you and it will further empower you
in your life:

De-Coding Relationships Session 2


PS – The next event is Saturday March 5th,
“Truly Understanding Health”. Mark that date
on your calendar. More details to follow soon.