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Three Stages of Relationships

Any shift (planetary, governmental, peace, etc.) can only
take place when the relationship within you shifts.

And yes, you are shifting all the time.

What we call “relationships” has also undergone
shifts throughout our human experience.

Stage 1: Ownership
At first relationships were all about what you
“owned”. People were a simply commodity
to improve or advance your quality of life.
There was no such thing as “love” back then.
It was simply survival. You married for power
or for having someone to take care of you.
Children were simply a commodity, a
workforce, tools for advancement or a
way to be taken cared of when you were
older. They were your possession to do
with as you pleased.

Stage 2: Love
Relationships latter evolved with the notion of “love”.
This illusion of love has always been based
on finding someone else “out there” that would love
and accept you. It has served. However, it has always
been destined to cause turmoil because you are never
happy with whom you are and you are constantly seeking
someone else to love and fulfill you. This love
is extremely conditional, confining and limiting.
Literature and film are great at glorifying “perfect love”
when in reality 99.9% of relationships are filled with
issues that most feel they need to hide (especially in the
spiritual world).

Stage 3: Oneness
This is the third stage of relationship that we are
currently shifting into. Many, many belief systems
need to be released for this to truly be experienced.
Beliefs like: ownership, needing to be loved,
conventional acceptance of what is a relationship,
love, marriage, parenting and many more.

This is what we will be working with this Saturday,
February 5th at the De-Coding Relationships with
Franco DeNicola and myself.

This really is “THE BIGGY”

Shift cannot happen until you free and transform
the relationship you have with yourself first.

It doesn’t matter how many programs you invest
in for money, manifesting, health, attracting the perfect
mate, etc. Besides, your soul is now directing
your experience and the conscious and subconscious
mind play only a small role.

Free yourself from the old archaic belief systems and
create a relationship that is truly based on love

I invite you to register for De-Coding Relationships now.
Attend live or over the internet via Masterpiece Life TV

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This is such an important event that we have kept the
contribution to attend as low as possible.
If you truly cannot make that contribution then email
me and we will work something out.

Do not let money stand in the way of your freedom.

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Thank you for being part of the Masterpiece Life
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