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Happy Valentine’s to YOU! Yup It’s All About Relationships…

To the most important relationship of all…YOU!

Happy February!! And, this early out, may I be the first to wish you
“Happy Valentine’s Day!!!”

Have you noticed how the experience of living is based on relationships?
Even if you find yourself on a dessert island or in a monk’s cave you are still
in relationship with the most powerful and important relationship of all – YOU!

You see, that is what you are here for – to experience this relationship
with yourself. Everyone else in your life is here simply to assist you.
You are here to experience, learn, grow and play.

I think we forget about the play part very often! 🙂

If that is the case then why do relationships so often seem difficult and filled
with conflict, upset and hurt? How do we “De-Code Relationships“? Why are
they so difficult? Here are three reasons:

First: We are attached to an illusion of how relationships “should be”.
I’m not saying to let someone walk all over you in the name of “peace”.
No. That’s not what it is all about! However, we are holding on to outdated
beliefs about what relationship should be like. The media and movies
of course continuously reinforce this. We are constantly judging and comparing
the relationships in our lives to an illusion of what the “perfect relationship”
should be like – whether that be with a partner, children, friends, family members,
co-workers, etc. This will always result in upset and turmoil.

Second. The relationships that you are experiencing now have been created
from layers and layers of limiting belief systems. As you come here to experience
you take on multiple levels of beliefs or veils – let’s call these “boxes”.
The first box that you take on is the current mass consciousness, then your
culture, your family, your friends, your education; career and so on and so on.

These layers or veils of belief will dictate how relationships exist for you.
Until, that is, you become aware that you are reacting within them versus
choosing how to create your relationships. Until you “De-Coding those Relationships

Third. You have chosen to experience those relationships. That may sound
nutty to you however it is the only place you can be in to have true power.
Believing that relationships happen “to you” as opposed to relationships
happening “with you” will always create “victimhood” and limitation by
the boxes of belief. Your relationships are perfect. Nothing and no one
is broken and needs fixing. You chose them to assist you to learn,
grow and experience something that will enrich you.

So then, how do you alter the relationships in your life that are
causing you turmoil and suffering?

It’s all an inside job! And it really is all about you. How you relate
to yourself. Once you free your relationship with yourself
everything else changes.

The best place to assist you to see through all these veils
and limiting boxes of belief is by attending:
De-Coding Relationships” with myself and Franco DeNicola
on Saturday, February 5, 2011, 9:30-6:00pm Eastern.
You can attend live here in Toronto or anywhere in the
world via Masterpiece Life TV on your computer.

Register for the event and even if you are reading this post
after the date you will be sent all the MP3s of the full event
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peace and create relationships in a totally new way.

Join us and awaken to who you really are and the power that
you truly have.