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What is Relationship – Really?

What is relationship – really? It encompasses our lives.
Relationship can bring us happiness (or so we think!),
or relationship can be the most frustrating and worrisome
part of being human – at least that’s what it feels like

What Is Relationship – what is true relationship is
what Franco DeNicola and I will be covering tonight
Tuesday, January 18th at 9pm Eastern on the free
preview video broadcast via Masterpiece Life TV.
Join us live or watch the free video replay by going to:

This is a special event to assist you to uncover
some of the myths that you have been taught
about relationship.

You have no idea how many relationship myths
there are that we have bought into that will
only keep you continuously unhappy and
continuously searching for that “perfect soul mate”!!!

Make sure you watch the De-Coding Relationship
free preview event live as we will be taking
questions (as many as time permits).
If you miss it I will keep the video
replay available as relationships are such
an important part of our lives.

Here is the De-Coding Relationship
free video preview link again:

PS: You will be surprised how many relationship
myths there are!!!

See you tonight!
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PS: Join us and you will be surprised at how many relationship
myths are controlling your life!