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Zeitgeist 3 Online Release January 25, 2011

Zeitgeist 3  will be released online January 25, 2011.

The Documentary Zeitgeist III: Moving Forward
will be released online for free viewing on
January 25th.

You can view it online at:

This documentary film presents a case for a needed
transition out of the current socioeconomic
monetary paradigm which governs our current world.
The three central themes of the work are Human Behaviour,
Monetary Economics, and Applied Science.

In Zeitgeist 3, the director, Peter Joseph presents what
many people already know – that things need to change.
That the current monetary, materialistic and government
systems need to radically change for there to be true peace
and opportunity for all.

THEATRICAL RELEASE – Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
was released in 60+ countries and in 20+ languages on
January 15th 2011. This large scale release is not
associated with any major distributor.

DVD/INTERNET RELEASE – This is a non-commercial
project, which means it will be available for free acquisition
via internet on the 25th of January in both viewing form
and full DVD download.
will also have a physical $5.00 DVD available in mid to
late January.