Masterpiece Life

Relationships – Your Life!

Petty much everything you or I do in life is in
relationship to or with someone else.

We are social beings and relationships
are how we experience life.

There are relationships with your significant
other, parenting, family, friends, work/career,
clients, acquaintances, and many more.
Almost everything in life is a relationship!

Relationships have evolved greatly and
they are changing yet again.

With all these relationships to manage and
balance sometimes you get forgotten in
the middle of it all. And, with all the self
help books out there it is confusing to
know what to really do when you just
don’t understand a relationship in your
life. Especially when it seems to be
falling apart, causing conflict and

Franco DeNicola and Antonia Hagens invite
you to join us for a very special event on Saturday,
February 5th called “De-Coding Relationships”.

This is for you to truly understand the
purpose of relationships in your life
and to gain a freedom you never even
thought was possible.

Your life is all about relationships.
Join us and have Peace: