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Change is Coming Are You Ready?

Did you know that Karma no longer exists?
Did you know that polarity no longer exists?
Did you know that how you experience life has changed?

It has all changed. And there are many more changes
on the way.

Not good, not bad just what is. Change is life.
Life is change. Resist that and your life will
always be difficult.

Do you know that the changes that happen leading
up to 2012 is up to you?. The final verdict
isn’t in yet!!

We are each creating EVERYTHING.
Yes, I mean everything – even the stuff that we
don’t want (wars, hunger, pain, destroying the earth, etc.).

That may sound brutal, but it’s true.

Once you get outside all of the boxes of belief
(and there are many levels of that) you see how
indeed we have agreed to create all of
this – as crazy as that may sound.

That’s when true freedom becomes
possible – when you can see outside all those boxes.

You see, it’s not about learning to play the game better.
You can do that, but that’s not true freedom.

It’s about stepping outside all of those boxes and
seeing what is really taking place.

That’s what I want for you – true freedom, true peace.
Why, because it’s the only way to being All That You ARE.

Franco DeNicola and I will be speaking at a truly life
transforming event called Change & 2012 on
Saturday, January 8, 2011, 9:30am – 6pm Eastern.

You need to be there. You can attend live in Toronto
or virtually via Masterpiece Life TV from any where in the world.
This is something you really, really want to invite your friends
and family to attend. More change is on the way and you
want them to be ready for it.

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I’ve posted 18 minutes of the last event on
How to Disarm Your Multi-Faceted Ego
for you.
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PPS – Feel free to forward the “How to
Disarm Your Multi-Faceted Ego” to your
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