Masterpiece Life

Quiet The Mind & Higher Self Activation

Magnificent You,

Your Higher Self is calling (and it’s
getting louder and more insistent).

Can you hear it?

Your soul is here to play, grow and enlighten.
There is so much happening in our daily
lives and sometimes it seems like we barely
have time to ourselves let alone to listen.

That’s why I have asked Franco DeNicola
to create a very special “Quiet The Mind
and Go Beyond The Mind, Connection
to Higher Self Activation

I highly, highly recommend you order it now:

Once you get it, listen to it AT LEAST once
a week – daily would be incredible.

Why – because there is so many changes
happening and about to take place right now.
Listening to your Higher Self is so important,
now more than ever.

It’s currently on special for a limited time
so order it and start listening now:
Quiet The Mind & Higher Self Activation

There is a special tonality in Franco voice
that will assist you.

Thank you for being the AMAZING person
that you are!!!

I’m guided to share this recording from
the True Freedom weekend on Success,
Abundance and Assisting Others with you:

Here are a few words about Franco DeNicola:
Franco DeNicola is a Unified Soul.

He has completed all his soul cycles’ reincarnation
(as we all will). This unification took place for him
in 1807 and he his back now specifically
to assist humanity through this Planetary
and Consciousness Shift.

He chose to be born into a family of
Italian parents to re-experience being
human so that he can better relate to
and assist others. He was born remembering
All That Is and then at the age of 5 years old chose
to forget 80%. He is now in his early fifties and
has 95% of remembering All That Is.

He brings a level of clarity that I have seen
nowhere else. He is here to assist in making
the New World of Oneness Consciousness
a daily reality for everyone who is ready.