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Keys of Enoch JJ Hurtak Interview

JJ Hurtak & Desiree Hurtak - Keys of Enoch

Drs. JJ Hurtak & Desiree Hurtak

I recently interviewed Dr. JJ Hurtak and
Dr. Desiree Hurtak on The Keys of Enoch.

JJ Hurtak is the author of the best seller,
The Book of  Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.
The Keys of Enoch, which came through JJ Hurtak
in 1973, presents keys to the future of science when
science and spirituality will mix.

In The Keys of Enoch, keys or predictions of future science
are made. In addition to the first definition of axiatonal lines, other
confirmations in this book that have been fulfilled are the alignment
of Orion and the star shafts of the Great Pyramid (Key 108), deep space
sound waves coming from Perseus as measured by the Chandra
Observatory (Key 216), and a world map showing aspects of evolutionary
development such as the homo floresiensis (Key 215) to name a few.

The Reconnection is spoken about in Key 3.1.4 and Key 3.1.7.
Eric Pearl was so mystified by the Keys of Enoch back in 1993
that he finally went and had the axiatonal alignment done
which of course lead to the incredible Reconnection
frequencies manifesting through him. As you know the
healings that have taken place with the frequencies –
light, energy and information – of The Reconnection
is truly astounding. The Reconnection is enabling
everyone to easily reconnect to that healing part
of ourselves that, up until now, had been so long forgotten.

Both JJ Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak’s insight into the Keys
of Enoch and what they can bring about for humanity is
incredible. I highly recommend that you listen
to this free interview.

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