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Dannion & Kathryn Brinkley on Near Death Experiences

Dannion and Kathyrn Brinkley Near Death Experiences

Dannion and Kathyrn Brinkley

Today’s interview with Dannion Brinkley
and Kathryn Brinkley on near death experiences
was incredible!!!

Both have experienced after life experiences and
of course, it transformed their lives. I believe life
after death experiences are an incredible gift and
those who are here to share their after life experiences
all share that there really is no death. We do not die.
We are hear to experience and to grow.

I believe that this interview with Dannion and Kathryn
Brinkley is so powerful that I will keep it available
here on the site.

Click Here for the Dannion & Kathryn Brinkley interview.

You see there really is no death. Life after death is more
real than what we think of as the real world. If you do any
reading into near death experiences or after life
experiences you will find that everyone talks of
experiencing a love and peace like they have
never experienced before. These after life experiences
move people into a dimension that is more real than
this current reality. There absolutely is life after
death and it is not the heaven and hell that we
have been lead to believe.

We will get to continue the near death experiences
conversation next week as I interview
Dr. Raymond Moody who is THE expert
on after life experiences.

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