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The Kogi In Toronto

Kogis Mountains
Kogis in Tchendukua

Kogis in Tchendukua

Tonight in Toronto, Three Kogi Mamus
will be at the screening of Eric Julien’s
documentary film on the Kogi entitled
“Kogi Words, Message From The Last Men”

This documentary film on the Kogi people will have
two screenings today (Wednesday, October 20, 2010).
There will be a 6:40pm showing and a 9:10pm showing.
The film is in French with English sub-titles. A discussion
with the Kogi will follow the movie.
The Location of the Toronto screening for “Kogi Words, Messages
From The Last Men is:
McLeod Auditorium, Medical Sciences Building,
1 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto,
Toronto, ON

This truly is a once in a life time opportunity to
meet and be with the Kogi. I highly recommend
that you attend. The Kogi will also be travelling to
Montreal, Ottawa, Peterborough and Quebec City.
To get more information please see my post from
yesterday here:

“I am convinced that our future lies in our
modern societies’ capacity to revive the
fundamental principles of indigenous societies.
Then, maybe we will be able to give birth to an
ecomodernity that will enable us to be
human together?”

– Eric Julien, President
of Tchendukua-Ici et Ailleurs.

“KOGI WORDS, Message from the last men” is not so much
about the Kogi Indians, their thought, their way of life, as about
a boundary between two worlds. That of a thousand-year-old
tradition, based on an intimate relationship to Life and our
modern society; constantly accelerating, efficient and all
encompassing. We discover the existence of societies without
poor, where solidarity is a shared, living reality, and whose
purpose is maintaining balance. Balance of the Self, between
the Self and others and between the Self and the World.
Societies that struggle toe to toe to maintain their memory,
“because memory” they say: “is like the eyes which were made
to see, if it is lost, all becomes dark.”

Filmed at the Kogis’ request, over a period of over 15 months,
this documentary film lets the representatives of this pre-
Colombian society speak. Both ancient and strikingly modern in
the way in which it faces the great paradoxes of our times.
Rare, pristine footage, confronts us to the paradoxes and dark
areas of our modern society. From the heights of the Sierra
Nevada in Colombia, to the Louvre Museum in Paris, where
three Kogis discover a rare gem from their ancestors, the
Tayronas, this film invites us on a stunning journey in which this
community’s tradition pushes us to question our own modernity.

Kogis Mountains

Kogis Mountains