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True Freedom Teleseminar Tonight!

Reminder to all of you that the True Freedom, Clarity
& Inner Peace Preview Call
with Franco DeNicola is
tonight, Thursday, October 14th at 9pm. Be sure
to be on this teleseminar/webcast.

You can easily listen to the teleseminar via your
phone or your computer – that way you avoid
long distance fees. If you haven’t yet registered
for this free preview call you can still do so here:

In preparation to better guide Franco to best
assist everyone on the True Freedom call I
asked the Masterpiece Life Community to
answer this question:

“What does true freedom mean or look
like for you?”

Thank you for all your responses. I could
see that many of you are already at a very
deep level of understanding “What is True

Well, I’ll be using your feedback tonight in
guiding Franco DeNicola to best assist all
in understanding and experiencing True Freedom.

This will be one of those calls that you want
to make sure you are on. Once again here is
that link to register for free for the
True Freedom, Clarity & Inner Peace Preview Call:

See you tonight!