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True Freedom, Clarity & Inner Peace Free Preview Call

Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola

I’m hosting a call with Franco DeNicola
that I believe is really important for you in
your life right now. It’s the preview call for
“True Freedom, Clarity & Inner Peace”

Before putting the call and the event together
I asked Franco what people are coming to see
him for the most – what is he spending most of
hist time enabling in people. His answer was
very simple:

“People are searching for true freedom. They are
tired of what they were told freedom would be
(because it’s not working for them) and they
want true freedom, clarity & inner peace.”

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On this call we will start the inquiry into “What is True
Freedom” and why is it that most people never seem
to be able to experience it – until they die that is –
but that’s a whole other story!

You see, our beliefs in “freedom” have been created for
us. What you think true freedom is is not something
that you have created from you for you.
True freedom is something very different than
what you have been lead to accept.

Be sure to mark Thursday, Oct 14th, 9pm
on your calendar for this very important and
life freeing call. You won’t want to miss this one!!


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