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What is True Freedom?

Happy Friday and Happy October 1st!

I bet you’ve wondered what it would be like to really
be free. What would you do if you were
totally free of all the belief systems that
limit your experience? Freedom – What
really is it?

I’ve been really dwelling in this inquiry lately.
Most of us (that includes me) would like to
be free of the money “thing” – you know what I mean.
Be free of the the relationship “thing” or the health “thing”.

Or how about, being free from feeling that
drive to please others? Everyone tells us that
we are all “pleasers” and busy pleasing everyone
else instead of ourselves – that’s why so
many people are miserable.

So what keeps us in these patterns? It seems to be innate to
the human experience. How do you free yourself
from it – other than dying that is!!!

We’ve been told to seek financial freedom, freedom from
relationships that don’t empower us and freedom from
disease. Yet, maybe that’s not freedom at all.
What if there is a freedom that we can’t even imagine – yet.

These are the types of conversations I’ve been having
with my good friend Franco DeNicola. In fact I’m
hosting an event with him on that very topic.

Go Here ==> True Freedom, Clarity & Inner Peace

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Go here ==> True Freedom, Clarity & Inner Peace

Have an awesome weekend!

Check out True Freedom:
True Freedom, Clarity & Inner Peace