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Wisdom from Byron Katie

Andrew, Katie & Antonia

Andrew, Katie & Antonia

This past weekend I had the
honour of attending
Byron Katie’s Toronto seminar.
Many thanks to my good friend
Andrew Thompson from Inspiration
Works for a truly life freeing weekend.

Below are some of my notes from
the Byron Katie weekend. May they
empower you as  they did me.

Instead of putting each one in quotation marks please
know that all these quotes are credited to Byron Katie:

Don’t be nice, be honest instead.

As long as I think that something outside of me is a
problem – I’m a victim.

Peace is loving what you have as opposed to
wanting what you want.

Denial is a very painful thing.

Stress, depression and self-loathing is the effect
of an unenlightened mind.

When you are not believing you are beautiful,
you are ugly.

The only thing that you fear is what you think.

The prison is of the mind – there isn’t any other.

We can believe our thoughts or question them.

Who would you be without the thought “I’m unhappy”?

To serve you is to serve the world.

Who would you be without the thought “They need me”?

There is no way out but in.

I need me to really see the impact of my
thinking on me.

There is a divine order going on. When we believe
our stressful thoughts we can’t see it.

If there is a war in my home I look to me.

There is nothing out of order.

My invitation is to question what you are
feeling and believing about the world and
then find a better world.

What you are believing inside your head is
what is causing you the suffering.

Other than what you are thinking and feeling,
are you ok?

You take on the beliefs that brings on your suffering.

Suffering = believing your thought.
When you are suffering, look at and question
your thoughts.

Separate the thoughts you are believing from the person.

When you are enlightened, you project that
on to others.

I’m responsible to do all that I can do.
I can do nothing more.

No decision, no fear.  No hope, no fear.

All fear is a projection of mind.
When you know there is no hope to
project, there’s no fear.

When it ends inside of you, it ends inside of them.

The only freedom I know is to work on myself
and they will follow.

Everything I put up a wall against is exactly what
I need to enlighten me.

There are no problems. There are only confused heads.

Angry people are honest – they’re not pretending.

We are teaching all the time – just what are we teaching?

We’ve taught our children to use anger to deal with life.

If you understand, they will understand.
If you find the way, they will find the way and
love is the power.

Peace is my business and understanding myself
is my business.

What I am believing about you is the toxicity
being produced.

There are no toxic people, only your toxic thoughts
about them, and that is within you.

In the moment that I see him/her as toxic,
I am being toxic.

There isn’t any toxic people, only toxic belief
systems running in your head.

There is a teacher inside of you that is more powerful
than anything that you can see.

The moment you defend and justify you start the war
in you, in your home and in your family.

Meaning has to show me life. I don’t have to go
after it – it’s always there.

Who would you be without the thought “People
should realize and appreciate what I do for them”?

Wake yourself up to how you live your life wanting
credit. It’s exhausting. We use people to raise our
own self-esteem but it only lowers it.

I know that when I believe my thoughts I suffer.
When I question my thoughts the suffering ends.

Every time you question your thoughts you leave
the old world and enter a new one.

Depression is no more than believing a thought
that is not true to your soul.

There’s nothing that isn’t a gift.

Let me know which of these Byron Katie quotes
enlighten and awakens you.

Antonia Hagens