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Confusion to Clarity with Franco DeNicola Part 4 – Soul and Ego

Confusion to Clarity with Franco DeNicola Part 4 – Soul and Ego

Question: How would you explain soul?

Franco: The soul is actually our higher self that has
chosen to experience itself in a multitude of fragments.
What the soul does is it actually records the experience
through those fragments.

Each human being on the planet is basically a soul.
There are beings on other planets that are souls also,
and they’re just having a different experience in a
different playground. This is basically a school and a playground.

As a soul, to add an extra pull to it, the soul has actually split
allowing two halves to go out and play. This is one of the reasons
that the soul is always looking for their other half, there’s that pull
to meet and look for that soul mate or in essence be a twin soul.

That doesn’t happen until way later into your evolutionary cycle,
but that magnetic pull or whatever you want to call it, that energetic
pull is there, because it’s always looking for itself.

Back to the soul part of it, it’s a recording – I can’t say device but its
part of the higher self that has fragmented and it has chosen to
experience these fragments and record each aspect of it.

To give you an analogy, each of the souls is like a computer and
the computer is all connected to a collective soul which is our
collective soul of the planet which plays the part of the server.

Each fragment on this planet is connected to the collective soul
of the planet Earth and that is connected to the cluster of planets,
and so on. I won’t go much deeper than that because then we’re
really stretching the realm here.

ML: If we’re explaining soul…

  • What would you explain as ego?

Franco: The ego is actually a human software program.
Of course, we have a physicality and a computer. The ego
actually is a software program that gives us the density
of this human experience.

The program of the ego was designed so that we could
actually experience a physicality with all the sensory
experiences, and also a program that actually has its
own evolutionary process within each lifetime only,
as a separate identity.

What the ego does is it takes on identity and the body and
the soul actually uses that as a passage to go through.
It knows itself through that. The physicality itself that it
takes on now takes on that identity, being Bob, Bill,
John,  Mary or whatever.

It has the association of what role it plays on the part,
meaning it’s male or female, or also the roles that are
being played where culture comes through and others.
It’s a software program in a sense that gives us this
experience on the planet.

The ego is something that you only have while you’re on
the planet itself. Each lifetime you come here you bring in
a new ego. You reload up with the software, and the software
is on an evolutionary process.

We can get a little more detailed on how the ego has evolved
on itself, but we might want to leave it for another time because
it might get a little lengthy here.

ML: We’ll leave it for the program.

Franco: It does have multi-layers, and it has evolved. What I
can share when we have a little more time to play is how it actually
affects us, how it works, how we can understand it and also to see
how it interacts within itself and how we can get it to spawn out into
different experiences.

It’s good to have that knowledge so you can actually gain some mastery
at it. We’re at that point where humanity is ready for that.