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Confusion to Clarity with Franco DeNicola Part 3 – Veils & Programming

Continuing Part 3 of Confusion to Clarity
with Franco DeNicola: Veils and Programming

Question: Can you explain veils and then programming to people?

Franco: Veils are layers and layers of programming that exist.

Those veils are made up of belief systems and structure.
They extend back as deep as your DNA. What that does is
basically those veils block the view of your source, of who you are.

For example, some people talk about reaching your light or
engaging light within you, the energy or the source.

It’s always there, the veils are actually just all those layers
of programming and belief systems and so forth that we’ve inherited.
We’ve chosen to have those experiences and use them, but
they actually block us to be able to see.

As the veils dissolve, as we start letting go of old programming
and belief systems and so forth, we actually start to see more
and more the brilliance that we are, and we get to know more
and more who we are at the source level, seeing way beyond
what the physicality is.

The physicality is just a package, the brain is different than a
computer, the soul is who you truly are, but the soul actually
plays the part of recording all of our experiences, so the
soul/higher self is all one.

That’s that.

ML: It was good. Sometimes we tend to use words that to some
people they may not have heard it before or to some people
they’ve heard it but they don’t quite understand.

We talk about lifting the veils and sometimes that can become a
cliché as opposed to really knowing what the veil is.

Explained as a level of programming or a layer of belief I think
adds a lot of clarity to people in realizing we always have these
built in beliefs. If we can lift the beliefs and the programming
then we are freer to experience the source that we are.

Franco: Just one more bit of clarification. Each time we
choose to reincarnate and come onto the planet, we do choose
the path that we want to take. That includes the family and all
the souls we’re going to play with.

Before we come here  we don’t have an ego program, we don’t
have a human program, and we actually have just the soul recognition.
That soul recognition, because it doesn’t have full enlightenment – meaning
it doesn’t have full access to the brilliance that it is –  at that point is still
limited to some degree, but again it’s not limited by the ego programming.

As it chooses to come to the planet basically as it leaves – I’m
just using analogies here to explain it because words are
sometimes limited – but as we choose to come here onto the
planet, the soul is actually exposed to the collective consciousness.

Therefore, it actually picks up the program of the collective
consciousness and then it goes through the family structure,
which picks up the DNA or the programming of the family
structure, and from there it has another layer of programming
that it receives through the growth process where it observes,
and then education adds another layer.

Then the experience of the world, which is again a reflection of
everybody else playing out. There are layers and layers of programming
that each soul experiences to give them the human experience at that level.