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Confusion to Clarity with Franco DeNicola Part 2

In today’s blog post we continue to Part 2 of
the Confusion to Clarity interview with Franco DeNicola:

Question: Why is there so much confusion right now
happening on the planet and in people’s lives?

Franco: I can say one thing, that confusion is actually
a good thing
. In saying that, if we allowed the confusion to
actually stop us from getting into a stuck state, it’s still an
experience, but we choose not to be stuck there in that position
where we are so confused we don’t know what to do next.

The first step of confusion is a conflict.

It’s a conflict within the ego mind and the fact that it’s being
exposed to a higher level source, which is your higher self.
The higher source is always communicating to all of us.
As the veils and as we go through the evolutionary cycle
or the enlightenment cycle we tend to get more and more
connected and allow that clarity voice to come through.

It also gets us to modify and adjust the consciousness to a
point where we’re actually going to another level. Of course,
the ego programming, as powerful as it has become and so
evolved, I mean we can get into the details of that and we
might just play with it a bit.

Because the ego structure has gone to the point where it has
pretty well controlled our whole experience on the planet,
it’s a program that’s really not ready to let go that easily.

As that new information and new vibration and energy is
coming through us and clashing, it does cause confusion.
The other part of the confusion also lies in the fact that there
is a lot of information and the fact that humanity is going
through – what can we call it – a stirring up of old traumas,
old programs, belief systems, situations that we thought we’d
completed or taken care of, or that we’ve experienced in this lifetime.

A lot of times our soul carries with it unfinished business from
past lives. Because of this new vibration we’re experiencing on the
planet, everything is increasing at a rapid rate, because we are
going through a shift.

The shift is that we are coming to the end of one cycle and we’re
starting into a new cycle. The new cycle which gets to start after 2012,
will not support most of the way we’ve been doing and the way
we’ve been operating in our minds and in our experience.

We’re going into a state where there is more oneness, there’s a
reconnection between one another, a reconnection to the animal
kingdom and a reconnection to the planet.

In doing so it actually changes our whole experience and the
whole idea of separation, the idea of us being in survival mode
or playing with fear which uses all types of scenarios will start to dissolve.

If you look at what’s happening on the planet we have such ingrained
structures right now with all layers, we’re talking all structures – financial
structures, religious structures, governmental structures, we have the
medical and all the other different structures and also what we
perceive as a way of life.

This is something that the collective consciousness and also the
individual consciousness, at the ego level, is holding onto as
this is the only way there is and this energy shift that we’re going
to and this end of the cycle will terminate most of that.

As it’s doing so, the clarity is not coming through yet what
the next step is for most people and their minds go into a panic
and try to hang onto everything and see the change instead
of seeing the change as something positive and progressive,
it sees change as a threat.

It not only sees it as a threat, it’s like we can’t survive without
having this structure. When you actually look at people’s lives
and tune into their lives or actually just observe most people
can’t find any peace regardless.

With this going on it’s actually bringing up stuff. This is where
we’re talking about letting go of old belief systems and programs
and so forth, and starting to go with the flow.

Meaning you just see things as they unfold, observe your ego mind
and how it works and the programs, letting them go bit by bit and
in doing so it opens you up completely and your whole
experience changes.