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Confusion to Clarity Interview with Franco DeNicola Part 1

Over the next few days I will post the Confusion to
Clarity interview with Franco DeNicola. I know that
many are experiencing Confusion and are seeking Clarity.

Question:  Who are you and why are you here?

Franco:  I’ve come here specifically for a purpose, but just to give
you a little background basically I’m a soul that has been
on this planet for many lifetimes. I went through the whole
reincarnation process until I completed my evolutionary cycle.

Meaning I’ve reached a level of enlightenment and no longer
need to be on this realm and this planet. That was some 200
years ago when I completed my cycles, and shortly after that I
spent some 150 years approximately traveling.

Just to give you an analogy to connect with, it’s like a student
that goes through grade school then high school and then
graduates at university and at that point feels they’re free,
they’re out of the system so now they have full control of their life.

It kind of felt that way when I finished my incarnation processes
here and completed my cycles. At that point, some students take
trips and they go abroad or travel within the states and so forth,
and in my case, I traveled inter-dimensionally.

I spent time going from dimension to dimension, never really
establishing anywhere or taking on another, physicality but
just gaining experience and waiting.

Like any other person that graduates school they sometimes
have this inclination to say I’d like to go back and teach or
assist, so they would come back to the school environment
and assist. This is what I’ve done.

I’ve come back to the Earth plane to assist humanity through
the shift. Because I was monitoring the planet and what was
going on, I knew that the time was coming up that we would
be going through the completion of one cycle and the start
of another cycle, which would bring up a tremendous growth
spurt and also a major change in the planet.

Any time there is a major change on the planet there’s
always some type of guidance and leadership of some sort
required, so that’s what I’m doing here.
I’ve come back and have spent my time doing that.

When I returned here, , having so many lives – and I
better add another mix to it, since we are partial souls and
we’re going through evolutionary cycles or through an
enlightenment cycles, when the two halves are completed
you become one again and that was one of the processes,
I went through sometime later after I had left the planet.

My return here to re-establish myself and to really
understand the human experience and condition here,
I did choose to come back in a human body and also take
on a simulated ego program and so forth, so I can actually
have the human experience.

When I did arrive here I, selected a family structure
that would give me a nice experience of density of
some sort, where it allowed me to really understand
humanity again. I came through an Italian family with
very religious background, but when I did return I had
most of the consciousness with me, so it was quite a
re-establishing of myself while I was here.

Here I was coming back to almost Kindergarten again in a
sense,  just to give you an analogy there, and it was a challenge
to get back into it. Part of the agreement I had made with myself
when I chose to come here was that to really get into the
human experience that I would lose 80% of the memory
of all the lives and also the consciousness that I had here
before arriving.

In that way, I was able to maintain a certain level of
consciousness but at the same time, experience the human
condition, the human experience.  At that point, it was the
regular route you go to school, grow up. As you do that you
go into the workforce and through the workforce I had
started a company, which led to two.

At that point, it really allowed me to understand the business
world, to understand what was going on within different
departments of the government and within the corporate structures.

That experience has allowed me to really have a good
appreciation of how things work. As things went along the way,
I also married and had children, which was quite an experience,
because at that point, I also selected a tight structure there to
experience what you can call density or somewhat of a less
evolved consciousness.

That went on for about 25 years before I came about to
actually experience a different aspect of humanity and
then I met the partner I am with right now.

That led to actually a very intimate observation of a rapid
evolutionary cycle to an individual. To be personally watching
it in a very personal and close way as I supported the shift for
her. She’s still going through the shift, which has allowed
me to really see, even though I took on a simulated ego
structure and a human consciousness, it was not the same
density and caliber as other humans on the planet.

That allowed me to have what I can call a very rounded
experience. Here I am, now the planet is at a point where
the shift has gone to a point where people are much more
open and ready, so I’ve allowed myself to make myself
known and assist alongside humanity.

I’m not here to be some leader or anything, but to walk
alongside humanity so that we can all move forward.
It’s very important for what we’re doing here on the planet,
because the more souls that reconnect with themselves and
move forward, the quicker we make the shift in the planet.

I do carry the view and the program of the new world and
it is absolutely amazing compared to what we’re experiencing
here. Not to say this is a bad experience, but this is an
experience we’ve had and repeated cycle after cycle for
so long that now at the soul level we’ve agreed to move forward.

We can stay in one playground for a long time and stay and play
with the same toys over and over again, but we have a huge
playground to play with and now we’d like to really expand
and allow ourselves to get to other aspects of our experience,
and reopen ourselves even further, and remember who we truly are.

The information I’ll be sharing this evening is coming from the
source, the source accessibility is the same as everybody else’s
because we’re all one at that source level, I just have a little more
access because of the process I’ve gone through, and I’m here
to share it, to play with it, and to assist humanity.

Hopefully, I didn’t get too carried away.

This ends Part 1 of Confusion to Clarity with
Franco DeNicola. Part 2 will continue tomorrow.