Masterpiece Life

Oneness Consciousness

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

What is Oneness Consciousness? It goes beyond
your personal and my personal experience.
Oneness Consciousness is the collection of all
that we are. Oneness of all the souls and all
levels of existence.

Imagine a beautiful crystal. It is One. It is
complete. As light shines on it, it fractures
out many beautiful patterns that can be
perceived as unique. Yet, it is all a part of the
Oneness that is the crystal. So too you and
I are one. Our souls are having an individual
experience on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

What is different about Oneness Consciousness
is that it is now taking over the individual soul’s
experience. Why? Because in order to create a
new level of existence that we call the 5th
dimension, this is now needed. That is why
you may be having difficulty manifesting
what you think you desire. If your ego based
desires assist in the growth of YOU – the Soul,
and the Collective Consciousness of All, then
it will manifest. If not then it does not matter
how much you visualize or how many affirmations,
you use it will not manifest.

The game has become much bigger now.
That is why you are feeling a pull and a
yearning that can not be ignored. You
have agreed to this. You are a light
worker. Let go of past examples of how
it was or how it was done. You are no
longer bound by rituals that limit. You can
now access light, energy and information at
a new rate that has not been experienced before.

This is Oneness Consciousness and it is
happening now. You are feeling it and
no changes, no healings are taking place
unless it assist the whole – the Oneness
that we all are.