Masterpiece Life

How To Change The World

Does “How to change the world” seem like a very overwhelming
question for you? Or you might even be saying, “I need to
change my life and that’s enough for me!”. Guess what?
You are right! Change your life and you change the world.

So then, if changing your life is the key to change the
world then how do you start? There are many gurus
and self-help books out there with wonderful
information to assist you. On this site you will find
some of the experts that I have had the pleasure of
working with. Some parts of their teachings you may
agree with and other parts may not resonate with you
at all. That’s as it should be. Each guru and teacher
teaches according to his or her life lessons and
experiences. They too go through their life lessons,
their ups and their downs. The difference is that they
do not stay stuck in one area.

Life is movement. To live is to constantly be learning
and changing. This does not mean that there is anything
wrong with you that needs fixing. You are perfectly
the way you were designed to be. Awareness will come
to you that will bring with it new levels of awakening.
Move with it. Let go of the past that says that something
“needs” to be done “this way” or that “this is how we do it”.

Look to gurus and experts for a possible way.
A way that will assist you (I love short cuts) and
empower you. Ultimately you will find your own
way. It is within you. Look to your life. Go within and
ask your higher self for assistance. Take time to sit
quietly and the answer will come.

There are many “How to change the world” theories.
That too is as it should be for we are all unique in
our expression and in our experiences. Ultimately
there is really only one way and whether you call
it love or whether you choose to call it peace it
is the same thing. When you radiate love, you
radiate peace. Changing the world starts with you
and me. Don’t worry about what is happening
half way around the world. As you change you
ripple out and you change the world.