Masterpiece Life

Do You Need to Process?

“I need time to process all this.” “My body is
processing all the new energies.” These are
common statements that you hear in the
spiritual and personal growth community.
Living is changing. The pure essence that
you are does not understand “change”,
and “processing”. These are terms that
are needed for the mind. The mind “processes”.

I’ve come to understand that when someone
says “My body is processing all this” or “I need to
process all this” what you and I really mean to say is,
“I’m scared and I don’t really understand”.
In reality, there is nothing to process. We make this
up. Processing is an old belief system. When someone
is ‘processing” they are usually hiding behind their truth.
They are afraid to come out and say what is really
going on for them.

Think about it. Does energy need to be processed?
Does the Universe need to be processed? Does the
Light that you are need to be processed? – NO!
If that is the truth of who you are – the Universe,
Light, Love – then why the myth that you need to

Processing is a mind function. What you are really saying
is that you need to re-compartmentalize a belief.
There is no “processing” in a healing, in a transformation,
or in a moment of awakening to the power of who you
really are. Love does not require “processing’.
With the shift that we are currently undergoing
there is no time to “process” anyway. The speed of change
has left that belief behind a long time ago.

Instead of “processing” how about something like this:

“Wow, what just happened/what I just heard/what I just
felt completely changes everything I’ve believed up until
now. My mind is doing it’s job of protecting me and I’m feeling
scared and unsure – thank you Mind for doing your job.
I am Light, I am Energy and I am Information.
I move forward easily because I know I am part of
All That Is.”