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Making Peace With Your Mind

I believe it’s important to Make Peace With Your
Mind instead of conquering it.
Eveline Kopachkov, a good friend of mine, recently sent out
one of her daily message emails that I want to share
with you. I have called it Making Peace With Your Mind
her title was “Like a Domineering Parent”. Here’s her message:

Eveline Kopachkov

Eveline Kopachkov

“Have you noticed how you always have answers?
They are the very first things you “get” when you
ask yourself questions.

Have you noticed how almost instantly the mind has a
tendency to kick in with doubt or denial? This is what
this most wonderful mind that you are using was taught
to do…to protect you. Now you can tell the mind it doesn’t
have to be so protective anymore.

The mind has been like a loving yet overprotective and
domineering parent that was taught to watch for you and
eventually fear what could happen to you and so was
protecting you. It was even in the attacking mode in
order to defend you.

You are now telling it to pull back. You feel powerful enough
and “of age” now to move forward in your life. You do not
need the protection and control scenario anymore.
You have all that you need to be on your own.
You are and feel safe now.”

– Eveline Kopachkov

For so long we have been taught to train the mind,
to change the mind, to conquer the mind. What if
we no longer need to? What if we looked at the mind
as a friend instead of an enemy or a betrayer?

There is a reason why you were created with a mind.
It is an important part of functioning as a human
being. How about making peace with your mind
so that you are working together as a team?
The mind is designed to figure things out and to
keep you safe. Let’s use that to assist us instead
of trying to change it.

Here’s an exercise for you to start making peace
with your mind.

If there is something that you are worrying about
say to your mind:
“Mind we are a team, you are very good at finding
solutions. Here’s what I need you to solve and
guide me through ___________ (insert issue here).
We are all a team. Big ________ (insert your name – this
is what I use to speak to my higher self so for me it’s
“Big Antonia”. This makes me feel that my higher self
is a part of me instead of something that is “out there”
and mind will work together to resolve this for me
in an easy and relaxed manner and in a healthy and
positive way, for the highest good of all.

Then let it go. Go do something else. Better yet
go do something that is fun and completely
unrelated. Let your mind do its job and let
your higher self guide it. That’s how you can
start making peace with your mind.