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Simplifying to Change: The 80/20 Rule

Change is all around us and change is an important
part of life – everything changes. Some change can
bring up some perceived difficulties – you know I mean.
Applying the 80/20 rule to your life and your
surroundings will make change a lot easier.

One of the easiest methods of changing is – to simplify.
There are so many things that we accumulate around
us that just don’t serve any more. Instead they take up
mental head space, add to the to-do list and make it heavy
and difficult to move quickly. The lighter you are the easier
it is to change.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It’s typically used for
business and can be easily applied to practically every
area of life. Remember when you are packing to go away?
Have you noticed that despite everything that you pack
(just in case you need it) you find yourself wearing the
same comfortable items over and over. I’m fresh off of
this example as we’ve just come back from a family visit.
The children were all instructed to pack a change of clothes
for each day and yet more clothing came back unused
that what was actually worn. Why – the 80/20 Rule!
I’m sure you can relate to this example. Despite what you
pack you usually only end up wearing about 20% of it
(not including the undergarments in this one – I hope!!).

Let’s now apply this to your home. Look around your
home. I bet you only use 20% of what is in your home, leaving
the other 80% to accumulate dust and add to your to-do cleaning
list. I’m not saying that it’s bad or wrong to own things.
However, I do believe that the more stuff we surround
ourselves with the more difficult it is to change – the heavier we feel.
There have been many studies done to prove this.

Try this out this week. Start with your closet. Notice what you
do wear. You find that the 80/20 rule absolutely applies here.
Clean out your closet and give clothes that you don’t use
to friends, donate it or sell it (try
Once you finish your closet go to your
refrigerator and cupboards next
(couldn’t resist that one as a nutritionist!!).
You’ll be surprised at how many bottled sauces are well past
their best before date.
Look in your room. What unneeded furniture
can you sell?

Have fun with this. Take turns with a friend. Let them
decide if you ever use or wear that thing. Pour a glass of
wine or have a beer and have fun with it. The fun part
is that then it will be your turn to help them simplify
their home and closet.

This is a great experience for noticing the attachments
and stories that you have built up about something
(ie. if I just exercise and stick to my diet I can get
back into that suit/dress). Apply the 80/20 rule
and remove all the unnessecary stuff that weighs
you down.

You’ll be amazed how much lighter (physically,
mentally and spiritually) you will feel once you
get into a regular habit of doing this.

Let’s share:
I’d love for you to post in the comments area below
how you simplify your life and surroundings
so that everyone in the Masterpiece Life
community can benefit.