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You Are Better Than What You Think

You Are Better Than What You Think

Yes it’s true – You are better than what you think!!!
Most of us spend our lives being told that we are
not enough, don’t know enough, don’t care enough,
and on and on the “not enough” list can go.

Here’s some very important news for you:
“You are better than what you think.”
You have ideas that no one else has.
You have gifts for a reason – they are for you.
Use them.

You and I have agreed to the illusion that we
must do things a certain way in order to fit
in, belong and be accepted. Yet, those that we
enjoy hearing about and being with the most
are all people who have not let the illusions of
society lock them into mediocrity.

You are light – shine it. Stand out. Reach out.
Be as different and unique as you want to be.
I see it so easily in my three children. Each one is
very different. They like completely different things,
yet they spend hours creating and inventing – we call
it play.
Do you remember how to play? Most of us don’t.
I didn’t. My days were filled with an endless to-do-list
that just seemed to get longer and longer each day no
matter how any hours I put into completing it.
Working 12 – 15 hour days was normal for me. Sound familiar?
I’m sure many of you are the same. Why? Are we afraid that if
we don’t do it what then? Is it because you feel you have responsibilities?
Do you feel that you have no other choice?
What if you really are better than what you think?
That would mean that you could never fail – as long as you
just get started. If that were your daily reality, then what
would you be doing?

For most of us, answering this question is extremely difficult
because we have spent most of our lives doing things or being
something that we are not. Know this “You are so much better
than what you think.”

I want to create a community where you are empowered
to live and create your life without the limitations and illusions
that we have agreed to accept:
Here’s some illusions to question:
You need to work from 9-5
There is no time to play
I’m too busy
He/She can write, speak, dance, cook, laugh, etc better than me
It’s important that my parent/spouse/boss approve of me
This list can go on and on. There are more illusions that we
live by than the truth.
Here’s my challenge to you:
Spend one day away from tv, media, the internet, the telephone,
or an other means of distraction and just play. What do you do?
What illusions can you see that you have been living by?
Please enter them in the comments area below as
by doing so you assist everyone in this community
all over the world.

Here were some of mine:
I am responsible for all those who I assist all over the world
I need to be liked and accepted by my family
There is more I need t know before I can really help…
What are yours?