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A Complete Cancer Treatment

This is the complete cancer treatment as used
by my friend to treat his elderly mother’s
rare cancer. It contains three  parts.
I have published it with his permission.
Neither I or my friend have any financial
affiliation with any of these products:

This is the complete cancer treatment.

Complete Cancer Treatment Component 1:

For cancer cell to survive and flourish, it requires low oxygen levels,
low ph (below 7), compromised immune system, low body
temperature and plenty of glucose.

I have used a very effective type of oxygen to treat cancer that is
called OXY-E, which is somewhat expensive, but in my research
was a better source than using food grade hydrogen peroxide.
The online company that sells Oxy E is Get Healthy Again.

Oxy E creates oxygen in your body. Plus it acts as a free radical
scavenger, and produces extra hydrogen to increase pH levels.

Oxy E contains an acid based formulation of sea water minerals,
dissolved oxygen, plant based amino acids and plant based enzymes.
It interacts with deuterium, a trace mineral naturally found in water
resulting in the creation of hydrogen and oxygen as it splits the
chemical bonds in the water molecules.

What sets Oxy E apart from your typical oxygen supplement is that
this oxygen producing reaction can take place inside the cells.
Many oxygen producing products like hydrogen peroxide, vitamin O,
or Aerobic 7 get oxygen into the blood but what they can not do is
actually get the oxygen inside each cell. The typical oxygen
supplements always cause free radical or oxidative damage in the body.
Oxy E does the opposite; it actually eliminates free radicals by forming
an oxygen molecule with a negative ionic charge which can then bond
with an O+ free radical molecule which neutralizes it.
It becomes a stable oxygen molecule.

Oxy E is able to supply the body with a steady diet of free oxygen,
hydrogen, full spectrum minerals, amino acids and enzymes all the
while cleansing cells of toxins and lactic acid. In addition, it will
enhance absorption of nutrients taken with it into the cells.

Recommend usage for this application, use 20 drops of oxygen per
serving, 4 times per day in 8 to 10 ounces of distilled water.

Complete Cancer Treatment Component 2:

Being that cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than a normal
cell in the body and becomes dormant when the body ph is at 7 to 7.2.
And levels above 7.5 up to 8.5 will destroy them. Plus increasing oxygen
levels at the cells also destroys cancer, it makes sense to create the
perfect environment to destroy cancer.

Now for the treatment, it is highly beneficial to raise and maintain the ph
in the body to about 7.5, and have two 6 day spurts of maintaining 8.0 to
about 8.5, with 4 days back down to 7.2 to 7.5 and to repeat the
increased ph for another 6 days.  The body ph can be measured testing
the urine and the salvia with ph paper.  The ph paper should range
between 6.0 and 9.0 in 0.5 increments.  
The increase of ph can be achieved with baking soda
The baking soda will need to be consumed at lease twice a day.
The trick is how to directly affect the cancer cells.

Here is a very powerful method, mix two level teaspoons of
blackstrap molasses or maple syrup in 6 oz. of distilled warm water,
then add one slightly heaping teaspoon of baking soda, allow the
foaming to slightly subside before drinking, start by consuming the
mixture twice a day.  Monitor ph by testing.  Reduce consumption of
mixture when exceed 8.5 ph.  Since cancer cells consumes 15 times
more glucose, the blackstrap molasses or maple syrup becomes the
carrier for the baking soda to the cancer cells.  The baking soda will
dramatically increase the ph levels while also increasing the oxygen
levels in the cells.  Excellent treatment that has been used for some
time now and has been kept hidden due to its effectiveness.

Complete Cancer Treatment Component 3:
The third step to address cancer cells is to boost the immune system,
there is a great product to do that and it is quite effective.

This powerful compound is called AHCC
(activated hexose correlate compound), and it’s so potent
that dozens of rigorous scientific studies have now established
it to be one of the world’s most powerful—and safe—immune
stimulators.  In fact, studies confirm that AHCC effectively
works against liver cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer,
multiple myeloma, breast cancer, and other life threatening
conditions…with no dangerous side effects. Plus, in smaller doses,
AHCC can also boost the immune function of healthy people,
helping to prevent infections and promote well-being.

Here’s how it works: AHCC increases a key measure of immune system
activity by as much as 300 percent! I’m talking about your own
“natural killer cells.” As their name suggests, these cells can penetrate
and destroy viruses…but only if your immune system is healthy.
But AHCC goes way beyond that. It increases immune system function
in a half dozen different ways. For example, T-cell activity goes up as
much as 200 percent and interferon levels (which keeps viruses from
multiplying) increase, too. AHCC feeds your immune cells exactly
what they need to heal your body and keep you well.

This is a totally harmless FOOD. There are NO side effects and it can’t
hurt you. In fact, it can actually help you feel better. After years of
successful use in Japan, AHCC is finally available in the United States
as the active ingredient in a product called ImmPower.
Distributed by American BioSciences, ImmPower comes in gelatin
capsules containing 500mg of AHCC (proprietary blend).
You can purchase ImmPower (which contains the powerful AHCC extract)
from Harmony Co.  Visit their website at:

I recommend 3 capsules with food twice a day.

Using all three treatments at the same time makes a
very powerful and complete cancer treatment