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Dr. Simoncini’s Incredible Cancer Cure

Dr. Simoncini, an oncologist, has a simple and incredible cancer cure.
He has successfully been healing cancer for over 20 years
with simple baking soda!!  His book is “Cancer is a Fungus”.

When I first heard of  Dr. Simoncini’s incredibly
easy way to heal cancer I was intrigued and ordered his book.
I have read about many cancer cures and his book is
an in-depth detail of the history of cancer, his frustration
as an oncologist and a recounting of what lead him to
discover the cancer fungus connection.

A very dear friend assisted in the healing of his elderly
mother’s rare cancer using the baking soda cancer cure,
energy healing and clearing out limiting beliefs.

I have also used baking soda on unusual skin growths
with great success.

I am planning on interviewing  him this fall.
Click on the arrow below to watch the video:

There are also more videos that you can access on
Dr. Simoncini’s site: