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Why No One Can Heal You

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

No one can heal you.

That’s a pretty bold statement to make.
But, it’s the truth. No one can heal you.
Healing happens between you and the
Universe, or God, or Allah or whichever
name you chose to give the Life Source
that is present in every one of us.

We are all the same and we all search for the same thing – to
feel whole and complete and at peace.

I have been working with energy since I was 12 years old
(as I’m sure many of you have too). I’ve assisted at exorcisms,
laying on of hands, prayer healings and many more. I’ve
connected to other beings, received messages and helped
many to heal.

As an adult I searched for other ways to heal
myself, my family, my friends and anyone that
was drawn to me. I believe in the power of food
to heal the body so I became a nutritionist.
Like a chiropractor or osteopath I believe in
the body’s ability to heal and release physical
pain so I became a Neurostructural Integration
Technique (NST) Practitioner. I know that everything
is connected and that everything is energy so I
then went back to my roots of energy healing.
I love learning and exploring so I became certified
in different energy healing modalities – Reiki,
Chi Gong, Theta Healing, Source Connection,
Universalis Healing, many more and then
finally, Reconnective Healing.

I have my favourites and when someone comes
to me for healing assistance I check in with my
Self and their Higher Self and ask to be shown
what is for their highest good.

A question that I always seem to get asked is,
“What have you healed?” and “”What experience
do you have in healing ______.”

In response I would then run down a list of my credentials,
and list off all the dis-ease – physical, mental and
emotional that I had been honoured to assist with.

That’s all changed. Today when someone is referred to
see me and they ask, “Can you heal _____?” My answer
is “No, I do not heal you nor does anyone else.”

Healing happens between you and Source, Life, God
or the name that you chose to give to All That Is.
Those of us that are called “healers” are facilitators or
a bridge to assist others to connect to that Essence
of Healing that we call Life/Love/Peace/God/The Universe.

That’s all any healer can do. Healing is not something that
the healer can produce or is responsible for. We are
an instrument – albeit a powerful one. We do not “heal”
anyone. But we sure have the honour and the pleasure
of seeing many miracles take place before us!!!!!

And, in healing others we too heal ourselves.


PS – I do love Reconnective Healing and I recommend it
to many. If you would like to attend the event in Toronto
July 17 & 18, 2010 Click Here or go to their main web
site at and look for an event
near you.