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Reconnective Yoga

Douglas Stewart

Douglass Stewart

What is Reconnective Yoga? It is yoga done with
the Reconnection frequencies. Reconnective Yoga
stems from The Reconnection as originated through
Eric Pearl. This program is lead by master yoga
instructor Stewart Douglass and by Reconnection
instructor Kelly Woodruff.

I was so excited when I heard about Reconnective Yoga
that I asked Kelly Woodruff if he would do a live
demonstration while he is here in Toronto in July
for the Reconnective Healing workshop. He thought

Kelly Woodruff

Kelly Woodruff

it was a great idea and quickly agreed!

There will be a free Reconnective Yoga workshop
on Friday, July 16 from 7pm Eastern to 9pm Eastern at the
Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel, 370 King Street.

This will be a complementary session where everyone
is free to attend – whether or not you have
ever experienced The Reconnection frequencies.

We all know how powerful yoga is to health and healing.
Articles and studies have shown over and over the power
of incorporating yoga into your daily practice. Now it
is being combined with The Reconnection. This is a very
powerful combination. The Reconnection frequencies
are so powerful that I feel to have them applied to
yoga will create so many miracles for people.

I urge you to come and experience the free session
of Reconnective Yoga yourself on Friday, July 16 at 7pm.

I will also be interviewing both Douglas Stewart and
Kelly Woodruff tonight at 9pm on the Masters of Awakening
series on how Reconnective Yoga came to be and
what it is bring about.

If you haven’t already done so you can register for
the Masters of Awakening at:

See you tonight!!