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Why Love Heals Cancer

Dr. Dean Shrock, Ph.D.

Dr. Dean Shrock, Ph.D.

Why does love heal cancer?
Join me tonight on The Masters of
Awakening series as I interview
Dr. Dean Shrock Ph.D.

Dr. Shrock is an expert in healing
cancer. He served as Director of
Mind-Body Medicine for a group
of 40 cancer centers. His research
found that cancer patients lived longer
when they felt loved and cared for.
Tonight’s call explores why love heals cancer, why love heals
any disease and how to apply it in your life. If you haven’t
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By now we should all know that love is one of the most powerful
ways of healing cancer – or anything for that matter.
What is very interesting about Dr. Dean Shrock is his
research substantiating this. Can cancer be healed?  Yes!
Is love an incredibly powerful tool in healing caner? Yes!

Cancer can be and is being healed. Join Dr. Dean Shrock
and myself tonight as we explore his powerful research
in “Why Love Heals Cancer.
Masters of Awakeing