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Spiritual Message For You

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

While meditating today I received this spiritual message
for you. This spiritual message came with a deep sense
of peace and I knew that it was not just meant for
me but for you as well:

Loved One, your soul is drawing many of your experiences.
Many things are now being spoken off  that may be new to
you or seem to be threatening. Know that you are greatly loved
and it is this love within you that has drawn you to these experiences.
There is nothing happening around you that you are not meant to hear.
Your soul is in search of much growth. If you were not meant to be where
you are you would  immediately repulsed and compelled to leave.
You are where you are because there are greater forces at work
within you.

Your soul is on an accelerated path of growth. Some of it may
seem uncomfortable in your human experience. But it is only
uncomfortable to the degree that you resist it. Let it unfold
within you and you will realize things and experiences beyond
what is currently imaginable to you right now.

Awareness is always the first step. You are here to accomplish great things.
Many changes are taking place and many more are to come. The clarity
that you seek is always within you. Close your eyes. Close out the world
and all its history lessons and go within and ask your higher self to show you
why it called you to the events that are taking place in your life
right now.

Humanity is going through a lightening and clearing process.
For that to happen the fears and old beliefs that keep us stuck will be shaken up.
It is happening the world over. Go within. You have unique gifts and talents.
Give yourself permission to let go of what you thought was “true”
and explore and play with what you are shown.

Life was created to be effortless, magnificent and joy-filled. Your belief
in separation, in being different, better, less than, not good enough, etc.
is what limits your life and your connection. It is those false beliefs that
allow you to be controlled and manipulated by those who forget who they
really are inside.