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Children Today and How to Empower Them

Children today are different. The rules that worked
in the past in parenting will for the large part not
work today. What is it about children today that
makes everything so different and how do you
empower them?

Children today are being born as indigo children,
rainbow children, crystal children and starseed children.
They are different. They are supposed to be different for
they carry the program of our new reality. This means
that parenting is completely different because we need
to remind them of who they are. These children do not
know how to fit in. The world to them makes no sense.

I have a vision, and I know it’s your vision too.
It’s a vision where every parent and every child
is empowered and connected to their Source/God/Universe.
It’s a vision that is devoid of greed, of want,
of pain and of suffering – those should all be optional
and not standard.

I have found a very simple program created
by Dr. Lara & Mark Romero that will effortlessly
help to make this possible. I truly believe that
this simple to use and transformational
program that Dr. Lara Romero has put together
will EASILY and powerfully get kids, parents and
teachers there.

In fact, I feel so strong about the
power of this program to empower children today
that this interview explaining the program is for
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Self Empowerment For Children

If you are teacher I urge you to order it now and
test the power of this in your classrooms right away!

Use it and please give me your feedback.
I know that this program can easily and effortless
help children today. Please use it in your car,
at home, when you are cooking etc. Use it
everywhere and be amazed by the miracle that
take place.

Once again Click Here to listen to this free replay.