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Dr. Lara Romero on Children Tonight on Masters of Awakening

Dr. Lara Romero

Dr. Lara Romero

Tonight on the Masters of  Awakening
I interview Dr. Lara Romero on
Self-Empowerment for Children.

This is a topic that is dear to my heart.
We all know the importance of empowering
children. Dr. Lara Romero in conjunction with
her husband and music therapist Mark Romero, have
put together a easy to use and powerful music
and visualization program to assist children and parents.

Dr. Lara & Mark Romero’s Self-Empowerment for Children program
will help you to easily:
* Calm yourself and baby before, during and after the birthing process
* Build your child’s self-confidence and help them remember their magnificence
* Sleep more soundly and peacefully through the night and at nap time
* Rejuvenate yourself so you have more energy and enthusiasm while
you care for your family

I have used Marc Romero’s unique healing music for many years
for myself and for my children. In fact my children ask for it.
Just last night as I was getting my children ready for bed and
Katia (my four year old) said:

“Maman, can we have that music? It helps me sleep better.
Then I’m not scared and I don’t have to go to your bed.”

My children have been brought up on Marc Romero’s music.
I’m very happy that Dr. Lara Romero has joined forces with
her husband Marc in creating this beautiful program for children.

Be sure to be on tonight’s Masters of Awakening call with
Dr. Lara Romero on Self-Empowering Children at 9pm Eastern.
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