Masterpiece Life

Daily Spirituality

Today I had a wonderful conversation with
a friend on what makes up daily spirituality.
We both quickly agreed that being spiritual
and spirituality can mean some pretty odd things
to people at times. And, that there are many illusions
around being spiritual.

For example it is often believed that once you become
“spiritual” that we need to always be peaceful, never
be angry, be ok with everything and basically to
become quite, calm and serene.

Nope, that’s not the real deal on spirituality.
Becoming spiritual is a personal journey. A
journey inside. It’s the answer to your soul
calling you to wake up, release all the illusions
that exist around you and to embrace your
personal power.

Practicing daily spirituality is willing to go
within and look at all the built up anger and
resentment that you have pushed down all
these years. Daily spirituality is being open
and willing to take responsibility for your life
exactly as it is. True spirituality is to stop blaming
everyone else for what you think has gone wrong
in your life.

You have created you life to be exactly how it is
today. You have chosen this moment in time to
exist on this playground we call earth. If this is so,
(and I believe it is), how can you blame anyone for
what you think has gone wrong in your life.
What if instead of blaming them you realized that
they were simply helpers along the way of your

Can life be effortless – yes absolutely!
I believe that the more you are willing
to go inside, let’s call it being spiritual,
and release your attachment to how you
think things should have been or must be
then you are indeed practicing daily spirituality.

You see, it is about the inner journey, it is
about your soul evolving through your
human experience. It’s about being human,
experiencing emotions, feelings and creating.

The time has come for everyone to embark
on a spiritual journey. To really ask yourself
what matters in life. To ask yourself if the dream
that you have are really yours or if they have
been created for you by society.

Daily spirituality begins when you take the
time to go within and truly ask yourself
those questions.