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Masterpiece Life TV is Launched!

Masterpiece Life TV was just launched this weekend!

I am so excited to announce that Masterpiece Life TV
was officially launched this weekend with the “Achieve
Clarity & Enter a New World of Inner Peace” weekend
seminar with  Franco DeNicola. It was incredible!

As many of you know Masterpiece Life already offers
webcasts and teleseminars featuring leading edge
luminaries, thought leaders, healers and spiritual
teachers. I love producing the online events and
I love producing the live weekend seminars. The
question that I have always asked myself is, “How
can I make this easily accessible to people all over
the world?” I knew that TV would play an important
part of that, however the costs to make that happen
were  just too expensive and I didn’t want to be charging
my community $1000 – $2000 per event to cover
the cost of broadcasting on TV.

There are many reasons why I am so excited about
the event this past weekend (wish you were there!),
and being able to launch Masterpiece Life TV over
the internet is one of those reasons.

Gotta admit that it wasn’t easy. Imagine this.
It’s Sunday morning, day two of the event.
Saturday already had lots of gliches that were
worked out. So Sunday should be a piece
of cake – right? Wrong!!

We walk in early to set everything up and:

1. The Masterpiece Life TV site is down – and people
are trying to log-in to it all over the word.

2. There is now no internet access at the hotel
(no internet means no TV broadcasting).

3. After frantically working with the internet support
people and getting the internet to finally work – there
is no sound. You can see Franco moving up on stage
but you sure can’t hear him!

It’s now 30 minutes past the start time, the team has been
working frantically for the past two hours to get everything
to work, people are waiting outside the still closed doors and
there is no way to communicate with the people that are
waiting for Masterpiece Life TV to come live all over the world!!!

You can bet my buttons got pushed! Talk about an
exercise in letting go!!!

Finally we have a solution, the doors open and we
broadcast live. It was an incredible life transforming

Thank you to all the participants. Thank you to our
international Masterpiece Life TV participants.
Thank you to the Masterpiece Life production
team (it felt like a family reunion having you back).
Thank you to Franco DeNicola for bringing  an advanced
level of clarity to so many people and sharing what
very few people in the world  know.  Finally a very
special thank you to Eric – my husband – for his
skills, his love of this work, and his love and intricate
understanding of technology that made this
weekend possible.

Masterpiece Life TV is now officially launched and
I will now be bringing you more and more
life transforming events in an unique and
interactive way.


PS – leave me your comments in the section below.
I would love your feedback.