Masterpiece Life

Something Magical About Spiritual Events

There really is something magical about spiritual
events, specially the day before the event begins.
I love hosting spiritual events. To me it’s healing
accelerated and happening all at once. I love being
with everyone and watching from the back of the
room as the energy changes in the room.

I really do love how live spiritual events empower
people to a new level of awareness and clarity
that they’ve never had before.

To me, the day before an event takes place is
pure magic for me. As someone who hosts events
there is a lot to do and set in place. It can be a pretty
frantic pace. Yet, for me, there is this magic.

I have this ritual that I do the day before any spiritual event
that I host. I close my eyes and I connect to everyone
who is attending the event, I connect with all the
people that I will interact with whether it be at the hotel,
at the bank, anywhere. I connect with the room.
I sense it’s energy. I become more alive and humming
than any other time. It is pure magic.

Just like today, the day before the Achieve Clarity &
Enter a New World of Inner Peace with Franco DeNicola.
Why do I feel this magic? Because I know that these events
bring all of us closer to the vision that I hold. A vision
that you have too.

It’s a vision of humanity waking up. Waking up to
realize that only we have the power to change our
world. Waking up to the illusion of all the beliefs
that hold us back. Waking up and creating a
world of peace, joy and prosperity and not
this current world illusion of scarcity, limitation,
separation and fear.

That’s why I love spiritual event. And that’s why
the day before is such a magical time for me.