Masterpiece Life

How to be Spiritual

How do you be spiritual? Maybe a better question
to start with is what is being spiritual?

Being spiritual will mean different things for
different people. Being spiritual or spirituality
is a state of being. To me it is a journey and at
the same time it is also our natural state. I think
that sometimes it is made to sound complicated
but it is actually very simple.

To me being spiritual is feeling and being connected
to the source, or let’s call it energy, that connects
all of us and everything. It’s not something that you
do but rather a state of being. Let’s look at a very
simply example of spirituality in action.

You take a walk by yourself in nature. As you walk your mind
notices all that is around you – the grass, the trees, the
different plants. You mind isn’t running like crazy but
instead is free to notice and appreciate the beauty
that you see around you. In that state you are being
spiritual. You are connected to the spirit of all that is.

That’s easily done when you are alone in nature. Now
how do you do that in your everyday life with so many
things happening at the same time?

Actually, it’s pretty much the same way. In all the
busy hustle and bustle of the day can you take
just five minutes out to notice the beauty in
everything that is happening around you?
Can you notice the perfection in a piece of paper?
Can you notice the feel of your hands as you
rub one against the other? Can you focus
on the feel of your skin?

Doing these simple things will bring you into the
present moment. When you are there you will
notice that time seems to stand still. There is a
beauty and a peace there that can’t be explained.
That to me is true spirituality. Being spiritual
is just consciously choosing to be connected
to the Source of all that is. Feel free to use whatever
name you feel more comfortable with whether it
be God, Allah, Universe, Mohammed, etc. – it really
doesn’t matter for it is all the same.

You see when you consciously connect more and
more to that present moment all else begins to
resolve. What you need to do next becomes clear.

That to me is how to be spiritual.