Masterpiece Life

Live Events Via Your Computer

I’m very happy to announce that we will
now be broadcasting live events to your

This is amazing because you can save thousands
of dollars in flight, hotel and meal expenses by
being able to participate at a live seminar via
your computer.

I’ve been looking into this for a while and in
the past it has just been way too expensive.
However, I’ve finally found a way to make it work!

When you register for a live event that is produced
by Masterpiece Life you will now have the option
to fly or drive in and attend the event in person, or
your can attend the event via your computer –
which I’m calling the virtual event.

Here’s how it works. Once you register yourself for
the virtual event you will be sent the information
to access a special web site. On the day of the
event you simply log into that website and enter
your password. You will then be able to see and
hear exactly what everyone else is seeing at the
live event.

You will be able to submit your questions and
comments via a special chat room and I will
have someone assigned at the event to receive
reply and ask your questions.

I just love this because a lot of people are
experiencing trouble traveling to events
(cost of flights, hotels, meals and transportation, etc.).
This will save you money while making
the event accessible all over the world.

Achieving Clarity & Inner Peace with Franco
DeNicola will be the first event that we offer
this virtual attendance at.

By the way, today is the last day for the early
bird discount offer of only $167. Register before
the price goes up.

Register now at:

Technology is a great tool to unite.
Join us on June 12 & 13, have clarity and
inner peace AND, be on the leading edge
of transformation all over the world.