How Illusion Becomes Your Reality

There are so many illusions in our world.
I’m not talking about those performed by
magicians, I’m talking about the illusions
that we believe are reality. The illusion that
locks you into thinking that you aren’t good
enough, fast enough, smart enough, know enough
and on and on.

Take this picture of my daughter Sophie.
The obvious illusion in this
picture is that Sophie is holding
the CN Tower with her hand.
The reality is that she
is no where near the CN Tower.
However, if this was the first time that
you had seen the CN Tower and you
knew nothing else about it you would
probably assume that it’s not very
big (or that my daughter is a giant!!).
From here on you would
create your reality about the CN Tower and about my daughter.

This of course is an obvious illusion and may seem a little
ridiculous, however there are so many daily illusions that
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