Your Thoughts Create Your World

Your thoughts create your world. You’ve probably
heard this before. I just watched “What the Bleep: Down
the Rabbit Hole” this weekend and I was once again
reminded of the incredible science that is now being
done to show what we already know – “Your thought’s
create your world.”

The next question to logically follow is what are we
thinking of? How much time do you spend focusing
your thoughts on the life that you do want to create
versus on the life that you don’t want to create?
By this I’m not referring to the “stuff” the houses,
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Making Your Passions a Daily Reality

Bob Doyle

How do you identify your passions and turn them
into a daily reality – something that you get to do every day?
Well, our final interview tonight on the Masters of Awakening
is Bob Doyle and that is exactly what he will be speaking about.

We met Bob personally when he came to Toronto this Fall.
He’s filled with passion about teaching people how to live
outside the belief systems and limits we set for ourselves.
You may have seen him in the movie “The Secret”.

He had one of the most successful sites on the
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From Confusion to Clarity

Wow. We just finished our call on “From Confusion to Clarity”
with our good friend Franco DeNicola. I hope you were
there to.  It was a pretty deep level conversation
about what is really taking place in our lives and on
the planet right now.

It was ultimately about clearing out all the stuff that
has kept us doing the same things over and over,
while expecting different results. Franco went into
why Law of Attraction may not be working for you.

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