How To Master Peace…

Antonia Hagens

Antonia Hagens

How do you Master Peace? Isn’t it what we are all
looking for in our lives? If you could truly have
inner peace no matter what the circumstances around
you what would your life look like?

Let’s start off with what is peace? We all seem to be
searching for it, we all want it but what truly is
peace? Peace is a state of being and a journey.
Peace starts with you and with me. It’s not something
that happens “out there” in the world. It is a force
that lives inside of you. It’s inside all of us. Everyone!
Even in those that we enjoy disliking. It’s in all of us
because we are all the same; we all come
from the same place. The differences that we chose
to experience that we call “Christian”, “Jewish”, “Islam”,
“Buddhism”, “Woman”, “Man”, “Child”, “Parent”, “Alone”
etc, etc. are simply colourful expressions
of who we are. They are just a game that we have chosen
to experience in this life. They do not define who you are.
They just add colour to this current experience.

Peace is a state of being and is present in all of us.
Who you are is peace. Who you are is love. Who you are
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Inner Peace Part 3 and Meditation

In this final video on Inner Peace Franco DeNicola
guides you in a meditation that will get you to
a place of inner peace.

Click on the arrow below to experience this Inner Peace Meditation:

To see Franco live at the Achieve Clarity & Inner Peace weekend go to:

Inner Peace Part 2 of 3

Here’s the continuation of Inner Peace Part 2.
Franco DeNicola continues the conversation
on Achieving Inner Peace.

Click on the arrow to watch:

To experience Achieving Inner Peace & Clarity with
Franco live in Toronto on June 12 & 13 or
to participate live via your computer go to:

Antonia Hagens

Inner Peace Part 1 of 3

Inner Peace, we all want it. We search everywhere to have
inner peace in our lives.  That’s why I asked Franco DeNicola, a very special friend
with a unique level of clarity that very few people have right now,
to reveal how to achieve Inner Peace.

Click on the arrow in the Inner Peace video below to listen:

Stay tuned for Inner Peace Part 2 tomorrow.
If you would like to experience Franco Live in Toronto on June 12 & 13
go here: Achieve Clarity & Inner Peace


Clarity and Inner Peace Toronto Event June 12 & 13

Clarity and Inner Peace with Franco DeNicola

“Are You Ready For CLARITY
In All Aspects Of Your Life?”

“Imagine truly understanding your life purpose,
what life on this planet is all about, how being
human and the planetary playground really function,
it’s role and the transformation that is taking place,
and how you can enter a

Give us 2 days and we’ll reveal some of the most POWERFUL,
and Rare knowledge, helping you to go beyond
all the made up rules and get right to the heart of things.

This is for everyone – Whether you are beginning your journey
or you have been on this path for a long time. There will be a deeper
What will be shared will transform everyone at some level.
No one will leave the same!

Dear Magnificent One,

Allow yourself to imagine a very early scene from childhood.
Go back to before you had thoughts of not being enough,
or of love being something you had to earn, or before you
ever heard of something called money. Close your eyes and feel it.

You begin to notice that there is no need, no past, no future,
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Achieve Clarity & Enter a New World of Inner Peace

Franco DeNicola

Franco DeNicola

I’m so excited about a new life changing program
that I am putting together with my wonderful friend
Franco DeNicola that I just had to tell you about it right away.

It’s called:
Achieve Clarity & Enter a New World of Inner Peace
Truly understand and embrace your humanity and
purpose at this time, to shift into the oneness and peace

This will be a live event here in Toronto, Canada
June 12 &13 (more details to follow at a later date).

We are going to have two free preview calls.
Whether or not you can make the June event
you will want to be on this call:

Tuesday, May 18, 2pm Eastern
Tuesday, May 18, 9pm Eastern

Register now ==>

Why two calls? Because a large part of our
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10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer

Going through some old files I came across these
“10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace” by Wayne Dyer.
When I first read them way back I was in a different place in
my life.  As I read them now they take on a deeper
meaning. Where ever you are in your journey
you will find them to be powerful pearls of wisdom
to accessing success and inner peace.

My definition of success has changed over
the years. When I was younger it had a lot to do with
what I could achieve. For me it wasn’t so much about the
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