Masterpiece Life

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!. My family and I
have prepared a little Mother’s Day film for you.
Starring – Sophie Hagens (8yrs), Julien Hagens (6yrs),
Katia Hagens (4yrs) and me – Antonia Hagens (we’ll
leave the age part of out this one!). Filmed, directed
and produced by Eric Hagens (my incredible husband).

This message is coming to you late on
Mother’s Day because I took the day off!!

What you can’t see in the background of
this little film is the complete total and
glorious mess of our home. I don’t think
there is a square inch that you can take a
step into without stepping on some toy,
piece of clothing or something.

Why? Because we declared today a Masterpiece,
where we just got to “be” and do as we pleased.
That meant no homework, no chores, no cooking, etc.,
and best of all I got to sleep in.

To all of you incredible mothers I challenge you to
just take care of yourself today. Forget the house,
forget the cooking, forget the chores, forget the
responsibilities and obligations.

Honour yourself. Do something that brings YOU
joy and peace. Laugh, cry, play. Be a child again.
In all that you do today, find some time that is just
for you.

I love you and I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day
from me and my family. 🙂

Sophie, Julien, Katia, Eric and Antonia Hagens

  • Rita Schilling May 9, 2010, 7:02 PM

    Thank you Sophie, Julien, Katia, Eric and Antonia.
    It was nice that you remembered us. And thank you for all
    the time and energy you put into MasterpieceLife. The
    information gleaned from the presenters is most
    valuable and keeps us in the Oneness mode.
    Thank you , Rita

  • Karin Lindner May 9, 2010, 7:19 PM

    Absolutely adorable! You have a great family! 🙂

    Thank you,

  • Antonia Hagens May 9, 2010, 8:25 PM

    You are very welcome!! 🙂

  • Antonia Hagens May 9, 2010, 8:25 PM

    Thank you beautiful!

  • Antonia May 11, 2010, 7:16 AM

    For Sophie, Julien, Katia, Eric and Antonia:

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful message! What a great family! … and keep up the ‘amazing’ fun. The smiles will fool ’em every time. LoL

    Love and Light.