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10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer

Going through some old files I came across these
“10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace” by Wayne Dyer.
When I first read them way back I was in a different place in
my life.  As I read them now they take on a deeper
meaning. Where ever you are in your journey
you will find them to be powerful pearls of wisdom
to accessing success and inner peace.

My definition of success has changed over
the years. When I was younger it had a lot to do with
what I could achieve. For me it wasn’t so much about the
“things’, i.e., clothes, cars, trips, etc., that I earned but
more the proving that I was “smart enough”, that I was
“worthy enough” because I had contributed so much to

Success now means something very different. Success to me
is now more about “Am I at peace with my day?”,
“Did I choose to let my inner beauty and power shine
or did I hand over control to ego?”, “Have I contributed
to myself so that I can contribute to others?” (still working
on that contribution to self part!), “Did I follow my heart?”,
“Did I let myself easily connect to the power in everyone
around me?”, “Have I positively contributed to this current
shift in consciousness?”

How do you measure your success? I’d love for you to
let me know in the comments area below.
In the meantime, here are Wayne Dyer’s
10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace.
Let me know which one speaks to you the most.

10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer

1.  Have a Mind That Is Open to Everything and
Attached to Nothing

2.  Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You

3.  You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have

4.  Embrace Silence

5.  Give Up Your Personal History

6.  You Can’t Solve a Problem With the Same Mind That Created It

7.  There Are No Justified Resentments

8.  Treat Yourself As If You Already Are What You’d Like to Be

9.  Treasure Your Divinity

10.  Wisdom Is Avoiding All Thoughts That Weaken You

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  • Laura May 2, 2010, 9:49 PM

    Thank you sooo much for this post. I really liked the “10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer”, thank you for sharing. The two that spoke to me most was (I have two not one :)) : 1. Have a Mind That Is Open to Everything and
    Attached to Nothing and Give Up Your Personal History (the last one spoke to me too. But if I had to choose one of the three I would choose number 1. That one just spoke to me the most. Once again, thanx for sharing, I will share this with my family and friends.

  • Dolly May 2, 2010, 11:03 PM

    This is wonderful I have honored Wayne Dyer for many years.
    Thank you so much Antonia
    Number 1 is the one, the part about attachment to Nothing
    How cool would that be

  • Antonia May 3, 2010, 10:20 AM

    Thanks Dolly. “Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing” is also what I resonate most with too.

  • Helen May 3, 2010, 10:56 AM

    Thanks Antonia. I love your honesty about your new definition of success. Knowing you, I see that you deeply live your truth. In your post, this spoke to me: ‘Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You’. I chip away at the fear,the idea that my ‘music’ isn’t good enough or valueable enough or worthy enough to express outside me. Then I think: my inside music is the sweetest music I’v ever heard. It’s the music I waited to hear my whole life. Does that not mean there’s at least one other person out there who could use hearing it? That keeps me going. For now, I’m only humming. It’s a start. There will come a day, very soon, I’ll be playing my music from the hilltops, inspiring others to do the same. I so want to be part of this growing symphony of the truly living.

  • Rosemary May 3, 2010, 11:51 AM

    Thanks for reminding me of these Secrets to Success and Inner Peace Antonia. There is great wisdom in them. 1,2, 3 and 5 are ones I think I either check myself to be sure I am doing or share with others often.

    I resonate with your definition of success. It is inspiring and had me look at my own more closely. I feel most fulfilled when I have helped someone else see their magnificence in a small or big way.

  • Pam May 3, 2010, 11:53 AM

    Thanks for sharing these Antonia. I totally relate to what you’re saying about your definition of success changing through the years. Wayne’s “10 secrets” are a great reminder to us all.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Jan May 3, 2010, 5:45 PM

    Thanks for revisiting the past and noticing how you internalize these truths differently. It helps to benchmark our growth when we can appreciate how far we have come. I think it is hard to prioritize these ten secrets since each speaks to a different part of me. I would like to add to Helen’s observation. I am beginning to truly understand the connectedness of all of life…in that we each have a unique vibration which gives us a sacred place in the universal orchestra. We “sing” whether we are aware of it or not. Our most honest and authentic “voice” comes from an awareness that we have a unique gift to contribute to the universe…and through that awareness we learn to value ourselves and take personal responsibility for the manner in which we manifest our gift. We also grow to appreciate that everyone else is just like us…in the process of self discovery…of finding their unique “voice”. I always look forward to your emails, Antonia.

  • Monika May 3, 2010, 7:32 PM

    Thanks Antonia. I’m also working on that contribution to myself. It is hard to let go of the thought that others are more worthy. I like ” Embrace the silence”.It is another that is hard to do in this noisy world. Maybe that is why I like puttering in my garden so much.” Give up your personal history” sounds like it came straight from the early Carlos Castaneda books.I was a huge fan a long time ago and that’s what he was told to do by his teacher.Even Deepak Chopra was a fan because he mentioned C.Castaneda in one of his books.

  • Antonia May 3, 2010, 9:07 PM

    Thanks beautiful Rosemary.
    And you so help others see their magnificence.
    Keep shinning your light! 🙂

  • Antonia May 3, 2010, 9:11 PM

    Thanks gorgeous,

    I completely agree with you and Helen. I feel that we are all a magnificent symphony. We are each a fragment of the whole. When we unite we produce the most beautiful sound – the sound of creation, of love, of joy and of peace.
    Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement.

  • Antonia May 3, 2010, 9:12 PM

    Beautifully said Helen. Thank you for being a part of my life! 🙂