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Spirituality and Peace – What’s missing?

We live in times where spirituality or being spiritual
is prevalent. Even twenty years ago being spiritual
would have been “too out there” or reserved for someone
who chose to live their lives on a mountain top where
there would be no contact with humanity. Inner Peace was
something we all hoped for, but let’s face it, living on
a mountain top just wasn’t going to work for everyone –
we’d soon run out of mountain tops!!!! 🙂

We’ve come a long way in some respects; and in others
we still have a long way to go. There is now more access to
information and teachers. Spirituality, (becoming aware
of how we are all connected to everyone and everything
– at least that’s my definition of it), seems to be an
important way to achieve peace.

Earlier this year I asked our Masterpiece Life community,
“What was the biggest obstacle to having happiness in your life?”
The number one answer was money and debt.

So my question to you is. What’s missing for you?
We all desire peace, joy, happiness and health yet
90% of the replies from a spiritual and aware community
say that money is the biggest obstacle.

What would be of the greatest assistance to you to
overcome the money and debt issue?

Please enter your responses in the comments area below.

  • Traian April 25, 2010, 12:22 PM

    From my point of view, I think that money indeed are a problem when you don’t have it but I managed to evolve on the inside in such manner that right now I don’t relay happiness to having money. I think that the most important thing to achieve is the inner piece, the better view of surroundings and trusting that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your car or your debts. You were happy during childhood while playing on your own with some improvised toys….why wouldn’t be the same right now, walking in the park (like I just did), listening to the birds and being touched by the leaves of trees. Close your eyes and really, you won’t feel lonely because you really aren’t. My personal issue with money is that sometimes I want it and sometimes I don’t manifest in such way. I see time is passing by with or without money so the quality of time is more important. I guess I will have money when and if I will ever be prepared to have it in such quantities. But since money can come as lottery prize over night , inner peace it’s harder to achieve. Have a peaceful day, Traian!

  • Donna April 25, 2010, 12:23 PM

    This is something I need to work on myself because I don’t have the money for help. My fitness business declined over a year ago. What I have done is updated my Web Site, have a presence on Facebook and Twitter now and just started a Fitness Blog. I use to have business come to me very easily. We have 2 large Clubs that just opened up in the area, and that really hurt my business big time. I am panicking now because we are 2 house payments behind and our utilities are always a month behind. I need to make May the month to come out of this recession. I have read books, listened to CDs and read things on the Web and I am still broke. I have a week to figure out what to do before I don’t have a home:-( If there is any help out there, please let us know. Desperate in the Mid West.

  • Darlene April 25, 2010, 12:32 PM

    Money would be nice, because it would give me a lot of freedom to do many of the things that i want. So that’s pretty much a must have for everyone. But I do agree that inner peace is the most important one. I know I could use that in my life. Not including money, not having inner peace would be something that will keep me from being happy in my life. Having peace of mind and being aware of my surroundings and my choices would make a big difference in my life, and will make me happier. Having thoughts that serve me, and beliefs that serve my happiness. That would be awesome. 🙂

  • John Dittrich April 25, 2010, 12:33 PM

    Money and debt issues are always with me, and my pension does not cover all of them. For me, I try to rise above them, and look at other things that make me happy. I believe in God, and I know he does help me. He provides me with glories sunrises and sunsets, sunny days, health, and a brain to understand and appreciate things of this earth. Yes, it would be nice to “win” lots, but at what price. I am happy with my life, and happy who I am. So, what would be of the greatest assistance to me to ovecome the money and debt issue………really nothing at this time.

  • Alicja Merifield April 25, 2010, 12:53 PM

    Ah – the old, annoying, nagging, heavy, terrifying ‘debt’ concern. Amazing how such a mundane issue can stand in the way of our overall emotional, mental and spiritual growth and development. And it DOES get in the way. The worry – the constant strategizing as to how to reduce debt load – steal time away from other pursuits. An hour can go by – two hours – and what had I filled my thoughts with in those precious hours? Money, ie the lack of it. And so I get ‘stuck’. Where I could have been joyously immersed in a book, drifting away to beautiful music, planning a creative pursuit, meditating, resting and in those ways creating new, fresh, wondrous paths in my brain, instead I get stuck and wander the same well-worn track year after year after year. Our view of the world, our physical selves, and the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves all become stagnant when we simply go around and around and around…

    So – what would be the greatest assistance, in my case, to overcome the money and debt issues? For one, a hands-on workshop on the simplest possible way to keep track of receipts and bills (which to keep, which to recycle), what should be filed and what to get rid of, how to keep track of the due dates of bills, etc. I have been to various such workshops and although they promise to pull us out of the mire, they always make it so complicated. I’m a highly creative person and, try as I may, unfortunately my brain is not wired – yet! – to use the spreadsheets they all so excitedly promote. I have tried… but weeks later they lie forgotten in a box somewhere or in a forgotten file on my computer.

    And second, more inspiring workshops with people such as the beautiful don Miguel and don Jose are lifesavers! They don’t need to have anything to do with money – they just need to be loving and inspirational… to make us feel like we are loveable and beloved. I’m telling you – since I have returned from that incredible, transformational weekend – even though they did not talk about debts and decluttering and such… the pure and blissful energy of that weekend inspired me to ‘lighten’ my load – to lighten my life – to basically clear the physical burdens so that I may be spiritually present! I am finally going through mountains of receipts. It will take a while, but I am still smiling and am well on my way.

    Thank you from the heart. Ali

  • Chris April 25, 2010, 1:39 PM

    Times are rough, and life is especially challenging for many of us at this time. However, don’t give up. When there is a will there is a way. Now is the time for action. Action through thoughts, prayers, communication with others, and of course doing what needs to be done in ones life. Reading books & listening to CDs is great, but it is up to each of us individually, and collectively, to actually do what needs to be done in the world. Do, which is an action verb, what needs to be done for ourselves and our families, for our friends, for humanity, nature & the planet. Another suggestion, or insight if you will, is be courageous & have faith. Do not operate from fear. Operate from a place of love; knowing that everything will be alright. Because, everything will be alright. Have faith. Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen. Even if that is what happens, life is not over and through God and prayer all things are possible. I will leave you with this. I tutored a friend’s kid in 8th grade math, as she was struggling with the subject. Not only was it cool to see her transformation from being afraid of the subject and always assuming that she did not know how to do it, to being confident and knowing that she could figure it out. This is what we must do in life. Put in the work to understand and effectively solve our “problems” While always remembering there is no problem that can not be solved, and there is no problem that is too big for God. Anyway, the point that I really wanted to share is what her math teacher said at her graduation ceremony that has stuck with me to this day. She said that she teaches all of her students simply, “If you can conceive it, and you believe it, you will achieve it!” This is the law of attraction. And this is what the 8th grade math teacher said at the junior high’s graduation several years before the movie / book “The Secret” came out. Another mentor of mine, T-Harv Eker, creator of “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” seminar and author of the book by the same name not only teaches people how to manage money such that they can accumulate and grow wealth; he often said, “What you focus on expands.” And, “Where your energy goes attention flows and results show.” Again, the law of attraction. Take time to focus on what you want; not what you don’t want. The universe will always give you more of what you focus on. So meditate daily and strive to focus on the things you truly desire and want in your life. You will get them.

  • Bernadine Kohler April 25, 2010, 1:57 PM

    Since i do the effortless prosperity lessons of Bijan Anjomi every day, there are no obstacles for peace from the money/dept point because i know now who i am. The only thing i wish, is to communicate with more people in my surrounding, who are on the same frequency over here in Europe.
    So get the word out!! It will come,as it has to be. I have to be patient, but that is very hard, when i am so positively excited about the new, easy way to come into peace,joy and happiness.You are doing a great job. I wish you a day full of wonder.

  • Effie Siggins April 25, 2010, 2:09 PM

    To me the belief that all good flows in abundance to every one of us in every moment is a primary focus. In a recent meditation it was quite clear to me that abundance in all things flows to us, through us, and from us making a continually self-renewable cycle. Abundance includes finances but at a greater level it also includes but is not limited to relationships, innner acceptance of ever-present peace, joy, and grace. Simply to acknowledge and then to accept this principle of the continual flow of abundance from Source is a great help to me every day, and remembering that the flow doesn’t stop when it comes to me. It fills and sustains me and in that beautiful sustenance it then flows from me to bless others. What a glorious cycle!

  • Kathy April 25, 2010, 3:34 PM

    Hi Antonia,
    Interesting word “Spirituality”, sometimes confused with religious background. I think we all carry our own definition of it and it changes as our Truth and our wisdom changes.
    I work with the Angelic realm and the definitions that is repeated over and over again is
    “Being Religious is the belief and practices that are created by man.”
    “Being Spiritual is your own individual walk with The Creator.”
    You can be religious and Spiritual or just Spiritual. But never just religious.

    Being Spiritual is to be in Trust and Knowing. Looking back in Life I have to say I was always taken care of with the basics. So I believe and trust without a shadow of doubt they come and they do. Maybe not in the same fashion I choose, but it is always there.
    Listening and Knowing in my life journey, that I will always be guided and directed where the next meal, dollar, or even place to lay my head will come from.
    How many times have we listened with our head and found out if I only have listened from my heart I would have been where I would profoundly grow. That a simple idea that may have seemed outrageous was dismissed.
    I truely believe that is why the economy is as it is, we have become a material world. Many of us are learning what the basics are once again and being grateful they have them.

    So maybe once again, take time to walk and visit with The Creator. Your Soul has a hotline to The Creator and therefore you will be open to Pure Receiving and Peace.

  • Ed Oakley April 25, 2010, 5:00 PM

    I am at peace with myself, but yes money is always a factor. I always dream about what Bob Proctor says! Making monthly what you make in a year! This always sticks in my head. So I think what I wish for that would make me very happy and at peace with myself, would be to have enough money to train with Bob Proctor for 1 year.

  • Cheryl April 25, 2010, 6:26 PM

    I agree with Traian. I have enough money to meet my needs right now. However, I believe that the greatest obstacle to money is the fact that we tend to focus negatively (possibly unconsciously)on everyday tasks and goals and this blocks the abundance from coming into our lives.
    For me right now, I am quite stressed at work and so do not feel quite as spiritually connected as I would like to be. I believe that this is the block to abundance.

  • Melvia Armstrong April 25, 2010, 6:45 PM

    The greatest assistance in overcoming money and debts issues for me is working on myself to come in to realization of who my source is. And, to begin to realize who I am and the power I have. I realize I have not been walking in my God given power. But as I gain knowledge and focus on only the things I want to experience in my life I can see progress daily. So I no longer comment(reflect)on my circumstances. Instead I press forward in to my destiny; into my purpose. And, I am being provided with everything I need to progress. These days what I’m really feeling grateful and I am at peace; things that used to upset me no longer bother me. Everyday I’m getting better! Thank you God in me!!!!!

  • Olia April 25, 2010, 8:23 PM

    Let’s be realistic! Money is a necessary survival element in our time. There are numerous businesses sprouting daily on the net and elsewhere as Donna is experiencing. People lose jobs, go into business and flood the market. As for books, CD’s, workshops, I’ve been through it as well. And the only people making money are the ones who sell them, and that is questionable. I agree that inner peace and happiness are most important, but money is essential for our physical shelter and health. The original affluent society where people worked for food and socialized telling stories most of the time, no longer exists.
    But I do believe peace and spirituality will help our survival during challenging times.

  • Ayeesha April 25, 2010, 9:13 PM

    There’s a reason why meditation helps and why I have a meditation therapist. Yes money is a worry, but I do not let it stop me from being spiritual, or from feeling connected to what is around me. Yes I’m unemployed, yes I’m temping, yes I’m looking for work, but I am doing what I have to do, I don’t let anything stop me. I am getting through this, because I won’t let money stop me. If it stops someone from feeling happy or spiritual, then it’s because they’re letting it stop them. Until people accept that this world revolves around money, greed and materialism, then life will be that much harder, that’s why, “digging” inside is so important.

  • Gail Kenyon April 25, 2010, 10:03 PM

    I wish this world didn’t require money for the necessities of Everyday living. I think most of us would be totally happy if that constant worry of how to pay the morgage, making sure that you have food on the table or worrying about how you are going to pay for your next doctor visit and the medicines they want you to take. I am, myself, looking forward to a New Heaven on Earth, where the worries of today will be a thing of the past and just a glimmer of a memory, and that we can create that which makes each one of us happy.

  • Martha April 25, 2010, 11:17 PM

    I agree that inner peace and happiness are most important, but money is essential for our physical shelter and health. My personal issue with money is that sometimes I want it and sometimes I don’t manifest in such way. I see time is passing by with or without money so the quality of time is more important. I guess I will have money when and if I will ever be prepared to have it in such quantities. But since money can come as lottery prize over night , inner peace it’s harder to achieve.
    But, Now I have learned Through MEDITATION How to quiet my mind… to be STILL and KNOW that GOD is THERE… Feeling HIS Holly Presence… all the Presence of His Angels… I feel very sorounded of His LOVE & PEACE… THANK YOU..

    Many Blessings.
    *Martha – (~_~) ♥

  • VL April 26, 2010, 12:29 AM

    Money is the tool like any other tools that design to work with or create with something. It’s an element of this reality and unfortunately was misused from long time ago. It’s a subject of power, greed, crime and a lie instead of beauty in construction, spending for research, plain sharing and donation. Only a bunch hold the riches of this world, but can they truly say they are happy? Most likely they caught up in their own problems (although I would doubt they about to loose their houses or can’t pay their bills), but I can’t say that all of them didn’t think about their peace of mind. But what I know?.. maybe they never did. Otherwise this life wouldn’t seem so miserable to a lot of people. Bottom line – don’t blame anyone for what you have – you the only one who created it and you only one who can fix it. There is no right or wrong and there is always way out. It depends on how you will handle it.

  • Shirley April 26, 2010, 5:00 AM

    Each of us are gods but we’ve forgotten this. Instead we believe we are humans. It is only highly evolved souls who know they are God. So for me it is remembering who I am.

  • Linda April 26, 2010, 8:28 AM

    I need a teacher to teach me how to set up and operate an on line business that would create the wealth to elimate the poverty consciousness. I would love to be a creative problem solver to help other people step up in life and go for it, but until I can do it for myself I am stuck.

  • Helen April 26, 2010, 8:54 AM

    To think money is nothing and to think it is everything, both are naive.

    We can be spiritually connected,enlightened and blissful even win the lottery and still have money ‘problems’. A problem is about perceptions and decisions that lead us away from our positive intention. Let’s say, I want to have money to have things. When I win the lottery, I spend all my money. Now I have things. Is that what I wanted?. Maybe not. Let’s say I want money to have savings, to have security and peace of mind. There are very very very wealthy people who have lots of money and still worry about not enough money. Do they have peace of mind?. Maybe not. Let’s say, I want to be rich so i can have time freedom to help people. There are many ‘poor’ helping people with nothing. It’s not so much about money, now, is it? It’s about getting what you want. It’s about thinking money is the only way to do it.

    We sometimes think having ‘money’ is about being super rich. Rich is great! I love rich, but exactly how much is ‘rich’ for you? Money is, I believe, a psychology, followed by a series of actions and decisions. Having ‘enough’ money is different for every person. First step ask ‘How much money do I need (yes I said ‘need’) to meet my expenes?’ If your basic expenses aren’t being met, uh, start with that. Start with a real plan, not just a dreamy dream. Then of course, we can move from meeting basic expenses to wants, desires and even dreams. Those who can show us how to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ in peace, hope and encouragement, that will uplift the most people, spiritually and financially !!

    As a community, let’s stay connected. If you know someone who has a proven track record of helping others increase their prosperity, or you’ve succeed yourself, share it. Information is free (sometimes). There will always be someone who has less than you and is waiting to hear what you have to say.

    For every achievement that has been accomplished,for every goal you have there is a definite way of doing it that will increase your success. It’s very likely someone has successfully done it before you. If anyone out there in this community has gone from poverty to making a living, from making a living to making a better living, from making a great living to wealth, from wealth to opulence – we’re asking you to coach us, help us release the mental and emotional barriers, the lack of awareness and action that’s keeping us stuck. Kindly don’t give us any complicated theories or sell us complicated programs. Simple and real are better. How ’bout a top ten action steps list to having more money’ every day. How bout, money tips newsletters or podcasts? Resources, resources, resources. Choice. How ’bout interviews with people who’ve turned their finances around rather quickly and effectively?

    I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on programs. Show me people who’ve changed their financial conditions through their own understanding and effort. Not just one teacher (like Joe Vitale, love you Joe), show me lots and lots and lots of people who are abundant AND peaceful (spiritual). Show me how they got there from where I am – discouraged, struggling, confused, not seeing options for myself….

    Those of us who are struggling, want to be freed by encouragement from the other side! Those of us who are thinkers want cold hard proof that we can be at peace about money, no matter how much we have right now. Those of us who have little money want to know we have accessible, logical ways to make more and know tht we always can. Money confidence, that’s what we want!

    It’s ok to want more money. It doesn’t make us less spiritual. It is the nature of our souls to want to expand.

    Let’s find some ground level, down to earth money coaches and do a prosperity increase program. Let’s get rich as a team, not jus reading self help books in isolation(not sure that works). Let’s start some Money clubs!!

    Today I will think about a time I had much less money than I have now. Did I ever imagine I’d have as much money as I do now? No. That means I can also imagine a future of much more. My mind gives me the freedom to go where I would like. My mind needs a direction that will motivate me to act! Today I choose to go to thoughts of being glad that I have food, water, shelter , clothing – and this computer, to say the least. Yes, simple and obvious. No big deal. Yet, just for this moment, I’ll remember that I’m ok, no matter what’s going on out there. When i do remember, that’s one more moment of peace I’ll have today. If I string those moments together, i can actually take action from a peaceful place. Sounds on the money to me!

  • LorRaine Armstrong April 26, 2010, 7:30 PM

    Money and debt worries and anxieties are symptoms of something we are feeling at a deeper level. The monetary system and stock market do not represent truth. Marketing systems for the most part are manufatured hype. The sacred land we live
    on has become not a nourishing home for us but something that is trading in the
    market place with no recognition of how we are spiritually connected with the land. We feel something is wrong, but are not taught how to see these things.
    We talk about the illusions of life but fail to understand how we create them. As a consequence the sacred hoop of life – how all life in connected and interdependant is way out of balance. Our hearts know this, intuitively we sense
    this, but our concious minds so often fail to see this. It is a learning for this time, that to find happiness, we must find balance again with all our relations – all of life, for all of life is sacred and if we truley are expressing as spiritual beings, this respect for all life and for balance and
    harmony are essential. When we find this balance the anxieties of money no longer affect us, but to reach this we must take action as a collective to open our eyes and use our creativity to create new values and act on them. Blessings all my brothers and sisters.

  • Olia April 26, 2010, 7:57 PM

    All this talk about MONEY! There Must be something to it.
    And all you have to do is “ASK’, and “BELIEVE” Turn
    it over to your Subconscious and it will provide.
    I’d rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable!
    There is NO fear, only LOVE.

  • Monika April 26, 2010, 11:13 PM

    For me money is not the primary issue, health is.As long as I have enough to pay all my vet bills and the occasional trip I don’t need much.I am happy being with my animals, being in nature , reading and doing other things I enjoy. Of course being retired and having a reasonably good pension helps. That way I can do what I want and don’t have to worry about where my money comes from. Of course if Franco de Nicola’s predictions come true and banks and other financial institutions fail and maybe there won’t be pensions anymore then I suppose I might have to worry. I hope the universe won’t be so mean as to make seniors have to work again.Failing health and strength and endurance are a bigger issue for me.
    I find that if I don’t worry about money and just pay the bills and not think about how much they are, there always seems to be enough.I used to panic about it and the money just seemed to evaporate. Now I barely look at the bill and money seems to last longer.I have over 25 animals ,and vet bills really add up but it’s not so much of a problem now.
    I guess it’s all about whether you have poverty consciousness or not.I’ve been reading my Bijan books religiously and I guess it has helped.