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The Afterlife of Billy Fingers – An Interview with Annie Kagan

We all wonder what happens after we die.  Sometimes, we get a glimpse, a feeling into what it means to be pure consciousness again.  After all, isn’t that what we strive for in our meditations and daily living?  To return to a state where all is ONE, a state of unconditional love, of true peace, of knowing all there is, of experiencing a sense  of connection, acceptance and belonging far beyond anything we can experience here on this beautiful planet we call Earth.  As we continue forward on this incredible shift that humanity is undergoing, is the veil between this dimension and pure consciousness getting thinner?  (Hint, hint – yup!)  We all still wonder, “What is life after death?”,  “Did I really chose to come here?”,  “What is my purpose in life?” , “Why does it have to be so difficult to remember who we truly are?”.

I recently just finished reading a fantastic book by Annie Kagan called “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”.  Although it reads like a novel that you don’t want to put down, this is a true story of how Billy, Annie’s dead brother communicates with her shortly after his death, proves to her that she isn’t going crazy but is really hearing him and then recounts to her his experience of what a soul progresses through after death!

The soul’s journey is recounted with a beauty that we all have an inner pull and longing for. Why did I love the book so much?  Well, the energy of the book is “out of this world” (sorry couldn’t resist using that one!!!!!)  🙂

For those of you who have been following the programs that Franco DeNicola and I have hosted over the years, this is the best recounting of what we have often spoken of in regards to what is the soul, how the soul chooses to come to earth and it’s purpose.

Join me, Annie Kagan and Franco DeNicola Wednesday, May 7th at 9pm Eastern for a fun and in depth interview as we look at the experience of “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”.

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Title: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers with Annie Kagan

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Here is a great video for The Afterlife of Billy Fingers:

Click Here to go directly to the Afterlife of Billy Fingers web site.

Click Here to go to the Afterlife of Billy Fingers Facebook page.

Sending you Love, Peace & Oneness!

  • Cherieann May 2, 2014, 11:51 AM

    I was surprised that watching the trailer brought tears to my eyes. It gave me a reaction of feeling my throat chakra tightening, and made me think of what I’m not sharing. Thanks for having the courage to share!

  • Christine May 6, 2014, 8:15 AM

    Leaving the body is a beautiful thing and sooo easy to do – when the time is right. I experienced it the day after Christmas. I felt bad that morning, my body polluted by cancer cells and the Christmas dinner from ever so well meaning friends, had pushed the fine balance I had maintained up to then over the edge. I felt myself emanating a glorious light, slowly leaving my body. Everything was so beautiful, loving, not a care in the world, no pain – body? what body? Had i blinked i would have slipped away into bliss. But I was given a choice, something held me back. i started thinking of how sad it would it would be for my son to find my body, the day after Christmas (is there ever a good time?) and i became a little heavier. Then, perhaps i could still have some fun playing in my body, maybe I am not done yet. Those thoughts made me heavy enough to ‘sink’ back into my body. My sweet little cat had sat with me throughout this experience. That night she ran outside and was hit by a car. I suppose she chose to keep going, if she was given that choice.