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Collective Evolution Documentary Interview

The Collective Evolution

The Collective Evolution

The Collective Evolution team released
“The Collective Evolution”, a documentary that
questions our current world and the current
accepted reality.

These three young men have come together to
present an opportunity for many to awaken.
You will  also see Franco DeNicola featured
in this film.

I will be interviewing the Collective Evolution
team (Joe Martino, Matthew Christodoulou and Mark
DeNicola) on Wednesday, January 26 at 9pm Eastern.

To register for this free interview simply go to:
The Collective Evolution Documentary Interview.

I’ve posted the official trailer for The Collective
Evolution below for you to enjoy.

  • Sharmini Gana January 24, 2011, 10:17 AM

    THIS is FANTASTIC Antonia, the AWAKENING is EXPANDING thru the beautiful work being done by so many, incl. a big bright powerful light like YOU!!! namaste xo